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  1. flu season
    FDA Warns Purell to Stop Claiming It Can Prevent the FluHand-sanitizer use is an ineffective way to deal with flu season.
  2. Ebola Fighter Dies After Hospital Staff Refuses to Help HerShe was a Time magazine 2014 Person of the Year.
  3. ebola
    Are Ebola Fears Driving More New Yorkers to Get Flu Shots?Maybe!
  4. ebola
    The Protective Gear 17th-Century Plague Doctors Wore Was Terrifying Way scarier than Ebola protective suits. (Not that it’s a competition.)
  5. political psychology
    Ebola Fears Could Make People More Likely to Vote ConservativeThe biological/psychological roots of conservatism.
  6. What an Ebola Quarantine Would Do to Your PsycheWhat’s best for public health may not be great for the individual’s mental health. 
  7. ebola
    Everyone Is Dreaming About EbolaEveryone on Twitter, anyway.
  8. social psychology
    What Makes Some Ebola Jokes Okay?The science of taboo-breaking.
  9. ebola
    Marine General Stokes Immigrant Ebola FearsMarine Corps. General John F. Kelly is stoking people’s most irrational fears about immigrants and disease.
  10. public health
    In Airports, Security Theater Is Morphing Into Ebola TheaterAmericans are asking the government to pretend to protect them from a mostly nonexistent threat, and the government is obliging. Everybody wins!
  11. ebola
    Ebola Fears Are Triggering Mass HypochondriaAnxiety over Ebola may be more contagious than the virus itself.
  12. ebola
    How to Prevent Ebola Panic in the Facebook AgeThe promise and peril of social media as a panic-reduction tool.
  13. philanthropy
    3 Reasons Charities Can’t Raise Enough Ebola MoneyWeirdly, one of them has to do with 9/11.
  14. ebola
    The Unlikely Clue That Led Doctors in West Africa to Ebola: Hiccups It’s apparently a common symptom.
  15. medicine men
    Catching Up With Dr. Alexander van Tulleken, That Charming Ebola ExpertWe have Jon Stewart to thank for introducing us to Dr. Alexander van Tulleken.
  16. Superstitions Are Helping Ebola SpreadAn epidemiologist corrects some misconceptions about the virus.