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  1. sustainable fashion
    Where to Donate Your Old Clothes in NYCA handy guide.
  2. sustain/ability
    35 Pieces of Eco-Friendly Clothing for Every OccasionIt is possible to build a sustainable wardrobe.
  3. sustainable fashion
    You’ll Never Guess What Madewell’s New Eco-Jeans Are Made WithThere’s something fishy here.
  4. always shopping
    11 Extremely Cute Eco-Friendly SwimsuitsLook good with a clean conscience.
  5. eco-friendly
    Hawaii Wants to Ban Some Sunscreens for a Good ReasonTurns out, it’s bad for the environment.
  6. sustainable fashion
    This Week, Fashion Activists Are Asking ‘Who Made My Clothes?’It’s Fashion Revolution Week.
  7. skin deep
    This Skin-Care Brand Is Going Zero WasteAnd it’s organizing 300 beach cleanups.
  8. hairy situations
    This New Hairbrush Is Eco-friendly and Great for Your HairHair today, gone in five years.
  9. Leo DiCaprio, Man of the People, Will Fly Commercial to His Saint-Tropez GalaActor bravely reduces his carbon footprint on the way to his environmental gala.
  10. first looks
    First Looks: H&M’s Ecofriendly Formalwear LineHelen Hunt’s Oscars dress isn’t in there, though.
  11. the green monster
    Diddy Proves He Loves the Environment With New Ecofriendly Sean John StoresHis label Sean John will open a series of pop-up stores that are built using recycled materials.
  12. best bets
    Best Bet: Earth to Phillip LimThe fabric on this tank is ecofriendly, and the mauve palette draws inspiration from the runway.
  13. beauty marks
    Brad Pitt Signed Beauty Deal With Kiehl’s, Bails on Being a SpokespersonThe actor’s teamed up with the beauty company to raise millions for charity. But don’t expect to see his mug anytime soon.