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  1. economics
    Survey Says Nearly Half of U.S. Women Won’t Enter a Store Unless There’s a SaleSame.
  2. health
    The White-Mortality Crisis Shows How Psychological Distress Can Become PhysicalIf a group of people feels they have nothing left to strive for and that their best days are behind them, those thoughts will eventually take a toll.
  3. Success Depends on Your Personality More Than IQThe power of “non-cognitive” skills.
  4. women at work
    Adam Smith Isn’t the Real Economic Hero — His Mother IsTalking the fallacy of the “economic man” with author Katrine Marçal.
  5. Are You Better Off Not Knowing Your Medical Future?Uncertainty may be a better life path for those who are at risk for Huntington’s.
  6. manspreading
    Men Hiding Behind ‘Science’ to Justify ManspreadingA likely story.
  7. studies
    How Terror Attacks Drive a Wedge Between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the U.S.New research on the long-term effects of a backlash against Muslims. 
  8. economics
    Insurance Companies Can’t Afford Not to Cover Transgender PatientsDenying care makes no economic sense.
  9. economics
    A Modest Proposal: How to Close the Gender Wage GapThe U.N. Women report has some recommendations for achieving economic gender parity. We’ve come up with a few more.
  10. economics
    Rihanna Wrecking Something Adds $66,000 in ValueSomeone bought the iPhone she broke. 
  11. marketplaces
    Here an Economist Defends Lying on Online-Dating ProfilesIt’s “a rational thing.”
  12. more stimulus
    Report: Porn Industry Shutdown Bad for EconomyThe movie industry lost 6 percent of its total jobs.