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Ed Sheeran

  1. keeping up with the royals
    Nobody Wants to Perform at King Charles’s Big PartyAdele, Harry Styles, Elton John, and the Spice Girls have all reportedly declined invitations to play at the Coronation Concert.
  2. help!!
    Ed Sheeran Sounds Like a Nightmare House GuestThis is how he repays Courteney Cox for her hospitality?!
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Wait, Did a Sword-Wielding Royal Really Slice Open Ed Sheeran’s Face?I demand to know everything about this rumor.
  4. celebrity
    Ed Sheeran Is Now a FatherHe and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, have welcomed a baby girl.
  5. celebrity
    Okay, What Is Going on at Ed Sheeran’s Enormous Compound?The singer seems desperate to build a church in “Sheeranville,” his enormous, private compound.
  6. beans
    When Will the Lies Stop, Ed Sheeran?When will we ever know the truth about his bean-shaped pond … or is it a pool?
  7. gossip
    Is Channing Tatum’s New Relationship More Serious Than We Thought?He was seen dancing to a wedding song with his girlfriend of nearly four months.
  8. hot shot
    Is This a Photo of Wax Ed Sheeran or Human Ed Sheeran?Test your skill with this fun and informative one-question quiz.
  9. praiseworthy gestures
    Ed Sheeran Correctly Gives His Girlfriend the Shoes Off His FeetHe really “upped the chivalry ante,” per People.
  10. decor
    How Much Would You Pay for This Ed Sheeran Pig Statue?Too bad it’s already been sold.
  11. happy birthday sweet prince
    Happy Birthday, Ed Sheeran, You Mysterious Ginger PrinceI hope you have a good day even though you are a mystery to me.
  12. ed sheeran
    Ed Sheeran Time-Travels From the Year 1450 to Collect His DegreeYe Olde Edd.
  13. All the Looks From the VMAs Red CarpetSee all the night’s fashion.
  14. conspiracies
    Man-child Tries to Understand BeyoncéShe “controls all women,” he says.
  15. love stories
    After Taylor Swift Hookup Rumor, Guy Feels ‘Like a Bit of a Stud’Ed Sheeran survives love story.
  16. odd couples
    This Guy Taylor Swift ‘Spent the Night’ With Is DoomedEd Sheeran’s appearance will now be ridiculed.