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  1. spring fashion
    The Hustle of Women in Hip-HopEditor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples on launching the celebration of 50 years of women in hip-hop who’ve changed the game.
  2. cut covers
    The Power of a Fresh StartEditor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples on making the Cut’s September issue about more than fashion, and the unapologetic women and femmes we celebrate.
  3. editor’s letter
    Is There Room for Fashion Criticism in a Racist Industry?For her first “Fashion Issue” as editor-in-chief of the Cut, Lindsay Peoples Wagner reflects on a broken industry.
  4. editor’s letter
    Running the Blind Marathon of AdulthoodSmall interventions to cope with change.
  5. editor’s letter
    The Half-life of AmbitionFor some of us, the urge to accomplish things never quite dies.
  6. editor’s letter
    Less This, More That in 2019A new style of making changes in a new year.
  7. editor’s letter
    The Devastating Illusion of ControlThoughts for the end of 2018.
  8. editor’s letter
    This Terrible, Queasy FeelingDrifting away from the kind of engagement that demands instant approval or disapproval.
  9. editor’s letter
    Summer Is Not EternalTime to buck up for fall.
  10. editor’s letter
    It’s Time to Find Your Summer SongAugust is a dream, without the isolation of sleep.
  11. editor’s letter
    July, Ride OnSome thoughts while biking in New York and remembering people we’ve lost.
  12. editor’s letter
    ‘Skinny Privilege’ and Who Deserves FashionThoughts about something I’ve never fully articulated.
  13. friends in high places
    Who Is Anna Wintour Asking Us to Forgive in Her Editor’s Letter?This is deeper than it seems.
  14. editor’s letter
    Motherhood and the Great River of VomitThis month on the Cut we celebrate motherhood, and all the physical degradations that come with bearing children.
  15. editor’s letter
    I Keep Wondering When I Will Become InvisibleThis month on the Cut, we’re talking about beauty a lot.
  16. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter March 2018: Beautiful StrangersAnd one very beautiful dress.
  17. editor’s letter
    I’m Certain That Certainty Is the EnemyWhat if everybody could just admit that they are probably wrong a lot of the time?
  18. editor’s letter
    How to Win at New Year’s ResolutionsSome advice for 2018.
  19. editor’s letter
    This December, Burn the RecipesAnd drink all the wine before the guests arrive.
  20. editor’s letter
    This November I Want. I Want. I Want.“This is some renegade ’70s-era feminist shit going on — I’ve never lived through anything like it.”
  21. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter October 2017: Fighting Cynicism As a Daily PracticePlus, what’s going on this month on the Cut.
  22. editor’s letter
    The Cut Has a New DesignThe old one has been … eclipsed.
  23. editor’s letter
    Here’s a Secret: August Is One of the Best Months in New York CityAnd it’s going to be even better over at the Cut.
  24. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter July 2017: We Are Your Beach ReadYou know you take your phone to the beach.
  25. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter June 2017: That’s a BopShirley Manson headlines a month of music on the Cut.
  26. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter May 2017: Everything’s Coming Up RosesSome of the things to expect this month on the Cut.
  27. editor’s letter
    April 2017: Pants Are ProblematicThis month on the Cut we explore popularity, ankles, equal pay, and more.
  28. editor’s letter
    Welcome to the Cut’s Spring Fashion IssueA celebration of nonconformity.