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  1. education
    Georgia School Announces It Will Start Paddling Children As Punishment“There was a time where corporal punishment was kind of the norm in school and you didn’t have the problems that you have,” said the superintendent.
  2. cool
    Tokyo Medical School Admits to Tampering With Test Scores to Keep Women OutOfficials were apparently worried women would get pregnant, and thus wouldn’t be able to work long hours in the hospital.
  3. yachts adrift
    Someone Set Betsy DeVos’s $40 Million Yacht AdriftThe secretary of education’s 163-foot yacht sustained some damages.
  4. beychella
    Beyoncé Is Gifting $100,000 to 4 Historically Black CollegesFollowing her electrifying Coachella performance referencing traditions at HBCUs.
  5. scholars
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Educating Our Nation’s YouthShe stopped by a Cleveland Heights high school to talk about corruption.
  6. education
    Parents Would Rather Pull Their Kids Out of School Than Have Them Meet IvankaIvanka Trump’s visit to a Connecticut school was an unwelcome surprise.
  7. title ix
    Inside a Training Course for Campus Sexual Assault OfficersAt a Sheraton in Philadelphia, 500 college employees learn what qualifies as rape.
  8. education
    These Schools Are Teaching Some Truly Insane ThingsHuffPost looked into the curricula at Betsy DeVos’s preferred form of education.
  9. politics
    Education Department Rolls Back Policies That Protect Students With DisabilitiesThe Washington Post reports 72 policy documents were rescinded.
  10. education
    Ivanka Trump Found a Much More Attainable White House GoalIs this “staying in her lane”?
  11. politics
    President of Accessorizing With a Wine Glass Meets President of FranceThey discussed her charity work in education and health care.
  12. college
    Harvard’s First Female President Is Stepping DownShe’s leaving the position in June 2018.
  13. What Would a School for 3-Year-Olds Even Look Like?New York City recently announced a new universal “3-K” program — but doing it right means taking the specific needs of 3-year-olds into account.
  14. dale?
    Here’s a Reminder That Pitbull Loves Charter SchoolsBetsy DeVos paid Mr. Worldwide’s Miami charter school — SLAM — a visit on Thursday.
  15. Kids Learn Better When They Can Move Around ClassExercise doesn’t have to be confined to recess and gym.
  16. education
    Betsy DeVos May Be in Charge of Public Schools But She Can’t Get Inside ThemSecretary of Education Betsy DeVos was blocked from entering a Washington, D.C., school by protesters.
  17. Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities Sign an Open Letter Supporting Girls’ EducationThe open letter is from campaigning and advocacy organization ONE.
  18. teens these days
    Teens Want to Go to College in Canada Now That Trump Is Going to Be PresidentTeens are fleeing the country.
  19. education
    Teach Kids Philosophy, It Makes Them Better at MathNot what to think, but how to think.
  20. The Biased Policies That Are Pushing Black Girls Out of SchoolAnd the instructional tool kit trying to change that.
  21. What Happened When Schools Tried to Bribe Students Into Getting Good GradesMoney-as-motivator is never as straightforward as it seems like it should be.
  22. Here’s Why Being a High Achiever in High School Doesn’t Mean You’ll Ace CollegeIt’s not just about smarts.
  23. An Idea: Let’s Get Rid of Middle SchoolA big new study suggests kids would be better off in K–8 schools.
  24. continuing education
    Ashley Judd Is Getting a PhD at UC Berkeley Because She CanShe will work toward a degree in public policy in the prestigious program.
  25. You Can Bribe Your Kid to Love BooksIf you do it right.
  26. ‘Book Deserts’ Leave Low-Income Kids With Nothing to ReadThe neighborhoods are like food deserts, but for education.
  27. Is Friendship a Skill That Can Be Taught in Schools?The importance of making time for social interaction in the classroom.
  28. Is the New SAT Harder for Girls?The College Board says no; tutors say yes.
  29. 5 Big Ways Kindergarten Has Changed Since the 1990sLess play. More math.
  30. First-Generation Kids Excel in School, But Then ‘Immigrant Optimism’ FadesSomething strange is happening as families assimilate into the U.S.
  31. education
    Here’s More Evidence Laptops and Classrooms Are a Bad MixEven West Point cadets can’t resist the lure of the internet.
  32. Don’t Believe the Hype About Grit, Pleads the Scientist Behind the ConceptWhat happens when enthusiasm runs too far ahead of the evidence?
  33. education
    Studies on Gap Years Show You Should Be Jealous of Malia ObamaThere’s little downside to gap years, and, for certain students, a year off increases motivation when they go back to school.
  34. Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of TimeKids at this developmental stage find little benefit — or enjoyment — in constructing Thanksgiving hand-turkeys or cotton-ball snowmen.
  35. education
    A Simple Way to Get More Minority Kids Into ‘Gifted’ ProgramsThere’s a lot of bias lurking behind the question of which kids get which educational opportunities.
  36. school discipline gone wrong
    How Biased Policies Push Black Girls Out of SchoolThe school-to-prison pipeline isn’t just an issue for boys.
  37. How Schools Are Failing Their Quietest StudentsMeet the educators who are working to change that.
  38. How the Clothes You Wear Help You FocusOr don’t.
  39. Conservative Woman Could Impact Texas TextbooksUnsurprisingly, she does not believe in climate change.
  40. This Professor Thinks He’s Figured Out How to Get Students to StudyHe did a little experiment on his unknowing students.
  41. Tell Your Kid Even Einstein Struggled in ScienceStudents are less motivated (and probably more bored) when they only learn lists of famous scientists’ achievements.
  42. Why It Matters What Time Your Kid Takes an Important TestThe later in the day, the lower students tend to score on tests.
  43. education
    A Teacher Tears Up a First-Grader’s Paper“There’s nothing that infuriates me more than when you don’t do what’s on your paper.” 
  44. education
    On Praising Kids for EffortWe don’t understand the growth mind-set very well … yet
  45. education
    One Reason the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth PersistsEven educators making good-faith efforts to get to the truth have to deal with a wave of online misinformation.
  46. mass incarceration
    Kids Suffer When Their Parents Are Locked UpLosing a parent to jail throws the world into chaos.
  47. education
    Is Pre-K Broken?Maybe so. But let’s not throw the 4-year-olds out with the bathwater just yet.
  48. boys vs. girls
    Women Getting More Degrees Than MenWe’ve got all the bachelors. 
  49. gender
    A Depressing Reason Sixth-Grade Girls Score Lower in Math Than BoysThe power of hidden biases. 
  50. studies
    How Parents Give Their Kids Math AnxietyAnd why math-anxious parents should maybe find a tutor instead of helping their kids with their homework. 
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