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Eff The Recession

  1. eff the recession
    Bulgari Is Making Money AgainSales have climbed 27.9 percent compared to this time last year.
  2. eff the recession
    Luxury Markets Are Still Booming, Predicted to Keep Growing in 2011It’s going to be another great year for expensive things.
  3. long live couture
    Bruno Frisoni Is Done With Couture, But Not With Expensive Shoes With Wooden Flowers on ThemCheck ‘em out, along with clutches with jeweled bugs on them.
  4. first looks
    Slideshow: See the 22,000-Square-Foot Space Ralph Lauren Filled With Marble Fixtures, Zebra Benches, and Other Fanciness on the Upper East SideThe new flagship opens on Madison today, and we got inside for a sneak peak.
  5. eff the recession
    Hamptons Now Plagued With Value RetailBut will it last or is the money coming back?
  6. eff the recession
    Design Students Can’t Get JobsIt seems best to be independently wealthy before getting into this line of work.
  7. eff the recession
    Tuleh May Be Shutting DownAfter canceling their Fashion Week show, the label’s fate remains uncertain.
  8. eff the recession
    Vogue’s Newsstand Sales Fell 15 Percent in the Last Half of 2009Sales of ‘Allure’ were down more than 17 percent.
  9. eff the recession
    Breaking: Phi to ShutterThe label cites economic conditions.
  10. eff the recession
    Zac Posen Launches Lower-Priced Line for HipstersBut the kind of hipster who doesn’t like ripped jeans.
  11. eff the recession
    Luella Loses Financial BackersAnd the spring 2010 collection won’t be shipped.
  12. eff the recession
    Yohji Yamamoto Files for BankruptcyBut he already found an investor.
  13. eff the recession
    ‘No One Looks to the Streets Anymore for the Future of Fashion, and That Is a Bit Sad’Spring 2010 was a very safe season. Blame the recession.
  14. eff the recession
    Vogue to Cut Back on Editors’ Overseas JourneysSlightly, that is.
  15. eff the recession
    Surprise! Magazine Newsstand Sales Are Down’Vogue’ fared much better than any of them.
  16. eff the recession
    LVMH Finds Ways to Make Money: Lower-Priced Givenchy Clothes!Some of them will even cost under $400.
  17. eff the recession
    A Luxury-Sales Guru’s Tricks for Selling a $35,000 WatchYou’re not selling a watch, you’re selling emotion.
  18. eff the recession
    Ads for Luxury Goods to Abandon Glitz?Luxury goods are a hard sell now, and images of models and bottles won’t cut it.
  19. eff the recession
    Young British Designers Fly Their Freak Flags During the RecessionGraduate-student collections are more creative without the pressure to sell.
  20. eff the recession
    Hermès Forced to Postpone Store OpeningsBut they still plan to churn out plenty of Birkin bags.
  21. eff the recession
    So Someone Made a Chanel CarWhy? Because they can.
  22. eff the recession
    Rappers Trade Real Diamond Bling for Cubic-Zirconia BlingTalk about embarrassing.
  23. eff the recession
    Roberto Cavalli’s New $30 Million Nightclub Fails to Resemble Previous RenderingsBut it’s expensive and that’s all that matters.
  24. eff the recession
    First-Ever Hermès Helicopter Lands in the United Arab EmiratesIt cost $6 million.
  25. eff the recession
    Breaking: Tiffany Acquires LambertsonMoney troubles? What money troubles?
  26. eff the recession
    Prada Keeps Multi-million-dollar Temporary Fashion-Art Installations AliveBut you’ll have to travel to Seoul to see it. Because there, people are used to luxury.
  27. eff the recession
    World’s Most Expensive Suit Made From Camel Relative, Arctic Muskox, Some GoldAt $103,000, it receives extra security when it travels.
  28. eff the recession
    The Christie’s Jewelry Sale Kicks Off WednesdayThe auction house is having a jewelry sale. Come ogle the many, many diamonds with us.
  29. eff the recession
    The $3,000 Bling-kini You Can’t Even Swim InIt’s by a label called Pistol Panties.
  30. eff the recession
    Louisiana Overrun With Alligator Skins, Since No One’s Making Handbags With Them AnymoreOne farm hasn’t sold a single skin in a year.
  31. eff the recession
    Department Stores Dropped Christian Lacroix, and Now It’s on the Money HuntThe label’s owners are in talks to sell a stake to make up for losses.
  32. eff the recession
    Elle’s New Blog Is All About Ridiculously Priced ShoesNow might not be the BEST time for this sort of thing.
  33. eff the recession
    Chanel the Only Major European Resort Show Left StandingThat means no Dior show. Damn you, economy!
  34. eff the recession
    Madonna’s Baby-Adopting Uniform Costs $2,800Chanel tracksuits ain’t cheap.
  35. eff the recession
    Vera Wang’s Lavender Label Is in TroubleRetailers are dropping the line because it’s too expensive and too dark for the times.
  36. eff the recession
    There Is No Better Time for a $30 Million Diamond-Encrusted DressRetail stocks are up 5 percent, after all.
  37. eff the recession
    Kobe Bryant Endorsing $285,000 Sports WatchEveryone probably forgot about those rape charges from 2003, so why not?
  38. eff the recession
    How Many Looks Were Lost on the Fall 2009 Runways?Designers had to cut out the extras this season, and sometimes that meant the number of looks they sent down the runway.
  39. eff the recession
    Your Barbie Needs a $3,650 BoxIt’s by Goyard, and the hardware is the finest.
  40. eff the recession
    Topshop Will Open Quietly, Possibly With Her Mossness PresentSir Philip Green won’t throw a giant party to celebrate the April 2 opening. Thanks, economy!
  41. eff the recession
    Balmain’s $1,500 Jeans Sell Briskly Despite the Economy“Balmania” is sweeping the world.
  42. eff the recession
    Italy Plans Fashion-Industry BailoutAfter they pledged money to the auto and domestic-appliance industries, fashion demanded its share of the pie.
  43. eff the recession
    Getting a Job in Fashion Practically Impossible These DaysJust look at a recent fashion career expo with twice as many attendees and two-thirds fewer recruiters as last year.
  44. fall 2009
    Once Perennially Late, Now Always on Time, Jacobs Still Makes a StatementMarc Jacobs has started his show punctually for three consecutive seasons. What does it mean?
  45. eff the recession
    Rumor: Teen French Vogue in the WorksA paper magazine? Upon our stars.
  46. eff the recession
    Even Christian Dior Feels the Economy’s WrathRevenues were down in 2008. Down, we tell you!
  47. eff the recession
    Plastic-Bag Tax Would Affect All Retail ShoppersYour Gap bags could cost you five whole cents.
  48. eff the recession
    Monica Botkier Plans to Open a Store, Just Not This YearAfter opening a “test-run” store in December 2008, we check in to see if a full retail store is on the way.
  49. eff the recession
    Luxury Companies Continue Rolling Out $43K Suits and Other Ridiculously Priced StuffBecause rich people are still buying them, of course!
  50. eff the recession
    Never Fear, the Couture Shows Will Be Just As Fabulous As EverThe couture collections are poised to make money despite the economy.
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