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Eileen Myles

  1. reading women
    Eileen Myles on the Book That Made Writing Like TalkingGertrude Stein’s Lectures in America totally changed my sense of what writing was.”
  2. advice
    25 Famous Women on How to Be ProductiveShonda Rhimes, Joan Didion, Yayoi Kusama, and more on productivity and the benefits of procrastination.
  3. true romance
    Eileen Myles on the Excruciating Pain of Waiting for Love I imagined a red sun burning the whole area and scorching on it a shape that was me circling her building, wild without her.
  4. quotables
    Eileen Myles Thinks Men Should Just Go Away for a Little WhileJust for 50 years or so, no big deal.
  5. party report
    Before Pussy Riot’s Verdict, a Star-Studded FêteChloe Sevigny toasts Russia’s jailed punk band.