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Election 2016

  1. election 2016
    Where Were You When Trump Won?Ten people on the night they planned to spend celebrating Clinton’s victory.
  2. one step at a time
    This Week Is a Reminder: It’s the Long Game That CountsChange is slow. That’s why we have to keep working.
  3. look book
    The Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Fellow Who Organized in Wyoming“I feel like I did my small part in Wyoming, and next month I’m going to Taiwan.”
  4. You Aren’t Crazy, Trump Really Is Giving You More MigrainesThe election has been a headache for migraine sufferers.
  5. reproductive rights
    9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned ParenthoodKnowledge is power.
  6. survey says
    Americans Name Hillary Clinton Most Admired Woman for the 15th Year in a RowThis is Hillary’s 15th consecutive time as Americans’ most admired woman.
  7. Police Say Muslim Student Lied About a Man Threatening to Set Her Hijab on FireThe student could be charged for filing a false report.
  8. sex diaries
    The Woman Embracing Eroticism to Cope With the ElectionThis week’s sex diary.
  9. activism
    How a Seasoned Activist and a College Senior Organized a Major ProtestOn December 12, women nationwide are planning to strike.
  10. mating rituals
    My Libido: The First Casualty of Trump’s ElectionThe very concept of horniness seemed alien and impossible.
  11. cutting ties
    The Post-Trump HaircutWomen in droves are reacting to the election by doing what they’d do after being dumped: Chopping off and dyeing their hair.
  12. mental health
    A Post-Election Action Plan for Anxious PeopleTake a deep breath.
  13. appearances
    Hillary’s No-Makeup Face As Rorschach TestHow you interpret her choices likely says more about you than her.
  14. The Magazine Making a Case That Identity Politics Matter Now More Than EverPosture magazine is not backing down.
  15. If Trump’s Win Made You Want to Run for Office, Read This“Hate should not be normalized or accepted in this country.”
  16. pod living
    See You in 4 Years, When I Awake From My Medically-Induced ComaThis should make things easier for the white men of the left.
  17. election 2016
    25 LGBTQ Leaders on Donald Trump’s WinTracey Norman, advocates, and survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting weigh in on America’s future.
  18. cut book club
    12 Books We’re Reading to Understand the Election ResultRead with us.
  19. feminism
    What Should Feminists Make of Megyn Kelly?And why does she still insist she’s not one?
  20. election 2016
    Evangelical Women Voted Like They Always Have — God First, Themselves LastDespite signs of rebellion, Evangelical women voted like they always have — God first, themselves (and their fellow women) last.
  21. election 2016
    Remember When the Future Was Female?The problem with politics as style.
  22. The Election Is Making Women Feel Worse About Their Career ProspectsA new survey reveals how Trump is taking a toll on women at work.
  23. trump’s america
    After the Election, the White People of Los Angeles Adopted PetsAnd I was one of them.
  24. strike
    Women Are Planning to Strike to Protest Donald Trump’s ElectionOn December 12, where will you be?
  25. election 2016
    Samantha Bee Will Be The Jon Stewart Of the Trump YearsWhile the men of fake news tend to affect a network-anchor posture, Bee fights like someone with real skin in the game.
  26. glamour women of the year
    Celebrities Gave Moving Onstage Tributes to Hillary Clinton on Monday NightShonda Rhimes, Lena Dunham, Constance Wu, and others thanked her.
  27. The Importance of Being an Angry WomanAre you angry? Good. Stay that way.
  28. look book
    The History Teacher Who Sings About the Election With His Students“I grabbed a guitar from the music room, put the lyrics on the board, and we began by singing ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ “
  29. sex diaries
    The Nonprofit Worker Navigating Sex and Dating During Election WeekThis week’s sex diary.
  30. islamophobia
    Woman Details Terrifying Anti-Muslim Experience on NYC Bus“I was sitting there trembling, bawling, unable to speak or move.”
  31. Woman Leading Planned Parenthood ‘Witch Hunt’ Joins Trump’s Transition TeamMarsha Blackburn is bad news for abortion rights.
  32. election 2016
    10 Women of Color on Their Fear of a Donald Trump PresidencyDespite the anxiety, they’re ready to fight.
  33. girls supporting girls
    Here’s Why Students Are Covering Their High-School Bathrooms With Post-it NotesThe notes include empowering messages.
  34. Time Inc. Calls Out People’s ‘Self-Appointed Social Media Critics’The magazine has been facing criticism and calls for a boycott after celebrating the Trump family following Donald’s win.
  35. what happens next
    How Muslim Women Across the Political Spectrum Are Reacting to Trump’s Win“How could he get away with it?”
  36. fear of a trump presidency
    This Is the Reason People Are Wearing Safety Pins After the ElectionA small but potent gesture.
  37. The First Latina Senator Will Not Let Donald Trump Go UncheckedCatherine Cortez Masto vowed to be a check and balance on Trump.
  38. disappointment
    If Trump Scares You, You’re Getting a Glimpse of What It Feels Like to Be BlackDisappointment of this kind courses through your veins when you live as a person of color in this world.
  39. A Suicide Hotline Volunteer on Talking to LGBTQ Teens After the ElectionHis hotline received more calls than ever after Trump won.
  40. These Independent Artists Are Donating Their Proceeds to Help Fight TrumpOne thing you can do now.
  41. with her
    My Daughter Grew Up Believing She Could Do AnythingThen she woke up the day after the election.
  42. Here’s Why Some People Are Burning Their New Balance SneakersPeople are protesting the company’s support of Donald Trump.
  43. Madeleine Albright Says Trump’s Win Shows ‘Things Have Gone Backwards’Hillary Clinton would have “been a remarkable president.”
  44. 25 Famous Women on Resilience and RebellionLet Michelle Obama, Patti Smith, and Janet Mock make you feel a little better.
  45. boycotts
    Here’s Why Many Are Calling for a People Magazine BoycottThe magazine’s newly favorable coverage — after one of its writers accused Donald of sexual assault — is being noticed.
  46. election 2016
    CNN Commentator to Trump Supporter: ‘I Will Not Be Talked Over Tonight’“You have people who are terrified, and you have to take some responsibility for it.”
  47. the future is female
    Students at Hillary Clinton’s Alma Mater React to Election NightWhen a sure thing wasn’t.
  48. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Feel Hope at a Time Like This?Election edition.
  49. election 2016
    12 Women on the Heartbreak of Watching Trump WinTalking to mothers, immigrants, assault survivors, and others.
  50. election 2016
    Trump Tower Is a Miserable Scene Right NowIf you’re looking for a cathartic protest, Trump Tower is not the place.
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