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  1. Those ‘Feminist’ T-Shirts Might Not Be So FeministThere are allegations they were made in sweatshops.
  2. quotables
    Anti-Model Cameron Russell Sort of Enjoys Annoying PeopleDreaming of being a model, she says, is “like dreaming to be a diamond necklace.” 
  3. re-branding
    November Elle U.K. Includes Feminist AdvertisementsTop agencies “re-brand” feminism.
  4. loose threads
    Tavi Gevinson’s Cadaver Long-listed for Oscar Plus, Cameron Diaz covers Elle U.K. in Chanel couture.
  5. cover girls (and boys)
    David Beckham’s Shirtless British Elle CoverHe appears to have fallen in the pool — oops!
  6. loose threads
    Beckham’s Elle Cover; Frankel’s ‘Real’ CampaignPlus, Gia Coppola for DVF, Olivia Palermo’s trademarking spree, and more fashion news.
  7. cover girls
    Dakota Fanning Covers February’s Elle U.K.In spring 2012 Louis Vuitton.
  8. beauty marks
    Emma Watson’s Pixie Cut Wasn’t Thanks to ‘A Britney Moment’; Breast Cancer Charity Perfume Found to Contain CarcinogenPlus, Katy Perry is developing a new fragrance.
  9. loose threads
    Emma Watson Covers British Elle; Eva Green Is Certain John Galliano ‘Will Make a Comeback’Also, Terry Richardson photographed Lindsay Lohan with something smooshed in her cleavage.