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  1. fashion yearbook
    What Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, and More Top Editors Wore to New York Fashion WeekNaturally, Carine has more than one pair of over-the-knee, open-toed boots.
  2. cover girls
    Elle Accused of Lightening Gabourey Sidibe’s Skin“Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others,” ‘Elle’ says.
  3. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Serena Williams Buddies Up With the Vogue Crew at Vera WangShe was sandwiched between Anna and ALT.
  4. loose threads
    Tavi Plagued With Too Many Clothes; M.I.A. to Perform at Alex Wang’s Party?Also, see Kate Moss model on Bryan Ferry’s new album cover.
  5. party chat
    Robbie Myers on Her Flintstones Hairstyle“I’ve considered putting a bone in it so everyone gets the reference.”
  6. girl crushes
    Kate Lanphear Fed Her Interns PizzaAnd sodas!
  7. loose threads
    Fashion Week Will Have a Record Number of Men’s Shows; Emma Watson Visits BangladeshAlso, Isabel Toledo’s Payless line is in stores early.
  8. vermin!
    Elle Has Bedbugs!The implications for the world of designer samples are scary.
  9. the most important month of the year
    September Fashion Magazines Earn Praise for Skewing Older This YearExcept they just seem to be endorsing the “be 40, look 30” thing actresses do so well.
  10. rebounds
    Elle’s Joe Zee Got His Own Show on the Sundance ChannelIt will hopefully be less embarrassing for the magazine than ‘The City’ and ‘Stylista.’
  11. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Ashley Smith Wants to Kick Butt, and Look ‘Sexy As Hell’ Doing ItThe spunky 19-year-old Texan has posed for ‘W,’ British ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ Sisley, Levi’s, and more.
  12. loose threads
    Julia Roberts on Plastic Surgery; Mary-Kate Happy in FashionPlus, Christian Dior’s controversial “Shanghai Dreamers” campaign, Nike’s big butts, and DVF’s benevolent gesture.
  13. slash jobs
    Elle Hopefuls, Meet the Accessories Closet of Your DreamsHate your day job? This’ll make you feel worse.
  14. the most important month of the year
    Vogue’s September Issue Will Be the FattestAh, the good old days!
  15. girl crushes
    Elle’s Kate Lanphear Stars in Eddie Borgo’s New Online CampaignBorgo calls her the ”epitome of the modern-day punk.”
  16. inner city life
    The City Recap: Destiny Is Not an Express Train to an Office Where Everything Is PinkIf this was the series’ last episode, it was a pretty good one.
  17. the most important month of the year
    Confirmed September Cover Girls Include Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Swank, But Not Lindsay LohanThis information has pretty much been known for a while, but it’s extremely important, so worth reviewing!
  18. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Has Had It With Whitney’s Diva BehaviorAnd she’s holding strong on her promise to move out.
  19. ins and outs
    Meredith Melling Burke to Replace Anne Christensen at T?The editor shakeup at ‘T,’ and possibly ‘Vogue,’ ‘Elle,’ ‘Glamour,’ and ‘Marie Claire,’ continues.
  20. inner city life
    The City Recap: An Unknown Pop Star Finally Tears Whitney and Roxy ApartWho is Lights and what is she doing on our show?
  21. the most important month of the year
    A List of Rumored September Cover GirlsHally Berry for ‘Vogue,’ Gaga for ‘Vanity Fair,’ and more.
  22. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Doesn’t Walk in Ke$ha’s ShoesBut she can fake it, kind of.
  23. inner city life
    Robbie Myers Is Fine With Nationally Televising Elle’s CatfightsIt makes good TV, she says.
  24. not in vogue
    A Theory About Why Carol Smith Left Elle for Condé’s Food TitlesIt reportedly had to do with a non-compete clause.
  25. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Is Joe Zee’s Little PonyRobbie Myers totally lied about firing her.
  26. inner city life
    The City Recap: The End of Olivia Palermo?We hope not.
  27. ins and outs
    Elle Hires Microsoft VP As Chief Brand OfficerAt least this didn’t take as long as replacing Nina Garcia.
  28. loose threads
    Fantastic Man Shoots Plus-Size Dudes; Lacoste Denies Malandrino RumorsAlso, two iconic Alexander McQueen dresses will go up for auction.
  29. inner city life
    The City Recap: Anne Slowey Tells Whitney She’s Not a ‘Real Designer’Whitney cried SO HARD on the inside.
  30. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo ‘Can Talk to a Park Bench’Also, Kelly and Roxy find their freak solidarity.
  31. cover girls
    Expect Angelina Jolie to Grace Magazine Covers AgainIt’s okay to admit that this excites you.
  32. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Is a Full-Grown New York Woman Now!She’s using men and everything!
  33. vogue who?
    People StyleWatch and InStyle Big Ad-Page Winners for First Half of 2010Overall, it’s much less depressing than it has been for print magazines.
  34. inner city life
    The City Recap: Olivia Palermo Will Not End Up on Welfare, But Whitney MightOur recap of last night’s episode explains all.
  35. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Resumes Her Lust for Greasy HairReview her epic conversation with Tight-Tee Zach in our recap of last night’s episode.
  36. the curvy campaign
    Robbie Myers Says Elle Macpherson Is ‘Not Skinny’And more of her thoughts on curvy models from the ‘Today’ show.
  37. inner city life
    Erin Kaplan May Regret Some Things She’s Said to Olivia PalermoBut we don’t!
  38. flyin’ first class livin’ my life
    Fergie Would Love ‘a Big Roll of Flab Coming Out Somewhere That Doesn’t Look Flattering’ to Be Digitally ReducedThe singer doesn’t mind a little digital nip and tuck.
  39. ins and outs
    Condé Nast Stole Elle’s Publisher for Food TitlesShe says food and fashion are basically the same thing.
  40. the fashion blog debate
    Elle’s Joe Zee and Kate Lanphear Have Different Views on Fashion BloggersKate appreciates their “fresh voices,” but Joe sees more value in the opinions of established editors.
  41. party lines
    The Party for Elie Tahari’s Spring Collection Was Basically a Set for The CityWe were even asked to fanny about for the cameras.
  42. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo Becomes a ‘Reporter’ and Whitney Port Becomes a ‘Young Designer’ on the New Season of The City!Also, Whitney wears a really embarrassing jumpsuit!
  43. hairy situations
    Do You Like Taylor Swift Better With Straight Hair?She did a rare straightening act for the next issue of ‘Elle.’
  44. show and tell
    Joe Zee and Nina Garcia Disagree on Office ShortsJoe says the ‘Elle’ girls wear them all the time. Nina says she wouldn’t have that.
  45. eff the recession
    Vogue’s Newsstand Sales Fell 15 Percent in the Last Half of 2009Sales of ‘Allure’ were down more than 17 percent.
  46. model behavior
    Self-conscious Daisy Lowe Loves Curves, Dry CleaningModel and Brit “It” girl cops to body issues, but still adores a little extra padding.
  47. loose threads
    Women Will Buy Less Makeup Next Year; Claire’s Wants Older CustomersAlso, a salesperson at Sur la Table asked Joe Zee if he wanted a rice cooker.
  48. kids these days
    Editors Like Tavi But Don’t Take Her Fashion Advice SeriouslyShe reviewed the collections for next month’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ but don’t expect buyers to adjust their spring orders based on her tastes.
  49. disco heaven
    How Pretty Does Gaga Look on the Cover of Elle?She looks stunning, and not because she’s wearing crazy things.
  50. inner city life
    Everyone Fought on the Season Finale of The City, and It Was So GreatNo bitchy comment shall go undocumented in our recap!
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