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Elodie Bouchez

  1. 40 More Chic French WomenSailor stripes, intricate scarf-tying ahead.
  2. the new silent film
    December’s Best Fashion Videos Also, veteran French actress Élodie Bouchez appears in a short for Co.
  3. Marc Jacobs’s New High Heels, and Other Memorable Fashion MomentsMarc took his bow in high heels at the Louis Vuitton show, but it’s not the first time his own clothes raised eyebrows.
  4. cult of personality
    Marc Jacobs Stars in a Gratuitous Magazine SpreadMarc Jacobs has been hovering near the overexposed danger zone for some time. Thanks to the spread ‘T:Style’ devoted to him and French actress Elodie Bouchez clad almost entirely in stuff designed by him, he’s finally crossed over.