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Embarrassing Dads

  1. politics
    Donald Trump Watches TV Just Like Your DadComplete with yelling and the Golf Channel.
  2. not all dads
    It Shouldn’t Take Having a Daughter for Men to Care About Feminism One dad’s open letter to Nicki Minaj shows the confusion of well-meaning feminist fathers.
  3. embarrassing dads
    Iggy Azalea’s Dad Is a Weirdo Comic ArtistAnd author of The Little Runt Who Said Cunt. 
  4. proud parents
    Malia Went to Prom and Obama Has Got the Dad EmotionsMaking funnies about classified details.  
  5. parents
    Kanye Is Playing the Embarrassing-Dad Long Game Just being a dad. 
  6. embarrassing dads
    Britney Spears’s Dad Ran a Background Check on Her BoyfriendGiving protective fathers ideas. 
  7. embarrassing dads
    John McCain Stands Up for Dirty JokesHis weird crusade against much-needed campus-sexual-assault policy reforms. 
  8. pregnancy pact
    Report: Chelsea Clinton Trying to Get PregnantBubba spilled the beans.