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Embodied Cognition

  1. embodied cognition
    Your Brain and Your Body Are One and the SameOr so argues a new book by a cognitive scientist.
  2. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: How Marketers Target Your SensesIt’s not just sleek cars and sexy spokespeople.
  3. virtual reality
    Turning People ‘Invisible’ With Virtual Reality Reduces Their Social StressIt sounds like a sci-fi plot, but scientists are actually studying invisibility.
  4. creativity
    Researchers Are Studying the Things People Fiddle With at Their DesksAnd how their fidgeting might relate to creativity or clearer thinking. 
  5. marketing
    A Soda Bottle’s Shape Tricks You Into Buying ItIt’s a concept psychologists call physical fluency, and marketers are taking note. 
  6. health
    Look at How Texting Is Warping Your SpineThe way you’re hanging your head over your phone adds 60 pounds of weight. 
  7. psychology
    Your Belief in Free Will Depends on Whether You Need to PeeThe philosophical implications of needing to go. 
  8. religion
    Maybe Don’t Make Fun of Mormon ‘Magic Underwear’The church issued an explainer on the temple garment this week.
  9. How Changing Your Body Can Change Your MindYour yoga teacher would call it the mind-body connection.