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Emily Spivack

  1. art projects
    18 Things People Wore to MoMA This FallAnyone can send a text to Emily Spivack’s art website.
  2. books
    New York City, Remembered Through What We WoreA firefighter’s uniform, boots from a downed plane, and more: eight sartorial stories from Emily Spivack’s new book, Worn in New York.
  3. political fashion
    The Artist Helping Make Obama’s Dream Hawaiian T-Shirt Shack a RealityThe president joked that he dreams of opening a store that only sells medium-sized white T-shirts. So Emily Spivack created one.
  4. How to Dress Like Kate Moss Also: Ancient Egyptians, pastel goths, and zombie schoolgirls. 
  5. book excerpt
    Our Most Beloved Clothing Is About Feelings, Not About StyleA new book collects the memories behind favorite garments.