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Emma Chamberlain

  1. celebrity
    Emma Chamberlain, Taraji P. Henson, and More of the Bestest Party Pics This WeekThe cast of Poor Things looked fabulous to celebrate one of the Cut’s favorite movies of the year.
  2. internet drama
    Is Emma Chamberlain Really Charging $10,000 for a DM?The YouTube star claims she’s just as confused as the rest of us.
  3. year in review
    The Dad-ification of FashionThe “dad vibe” is all about comfort, function, and nonchalance, like an outfit you just threw on to run to Lowe’s.
  4. how i get it done
    How Emma Chamberlain Gets It Done“My work and my life are wrapped up together, and my work is never off my mind. I can’t ever check out.”
  5. new faces of things
    Louis Vuitton Targets the TeensWith the queens of TikTok and YouTube.