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    Emma Gonzalez Made an Actual PowerPoint to Sell Her Parents on Her Shaved Head“I strategically put pictures of bald women in there. My dad was laughing so hard the whole time he couldn’t even pay attention.”
  2. march for our lives
    Emma González’s March for Our Lives Speech Was As Long As the Parkland ShootingShe stood in defiant silence for several minutes.
  3. stoneman shooting
    Parkland Shooting Survivors Aren’t Letting Death Threats Stand in Their Way“I, for one, am paranoid about a bomb being thrown in the window,” Emma González told 60 Minutes.
  4. bye!
    GOP Candidate Who Called Parkland Teen ‘Skinhead Lesbian’ Drops Out of RaceBye!
  5. gun control
    Parkland Shooting Survivor Explains Why Arming Teachers Is ‘Stupid’Emma González slams the proposal to give educators guns.
  6. rebellions
    Teens Already Know How to Overthrow the GovernmentYou would too if you’d grown up reading the Hunger Games.
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    Politician Who Insulted Parkland Shooting Survivors Gets New OpponentHe was running unopposed until he attacked Parkland survivors on Twitter. Then, a 28-year-old woman entered the race.
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    Change Never Happens Until Young People Like Emma González Demand ItHistory’s most important civil rights movements have been shaped by students; #NeverAgain is no different.
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    Stoneman Shooting Survivor Slams Lawmakers and Demands Gun ControlEmma Gonzalez delivered a powerful speech at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.