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  1. cover girl
    March’s French Vogue Features Its First Transgender Cover ModelValentina Sampaio appears on the cover and in a spring fashion story.
  2. scene stealers
    See More Heat-Defying Street Style From Paris CoutureNo sweat stains here.
  3. uniform week
    Why It’s Good to Have a Signature LewkElegance is not always refusal.
  4. exchange rates
    Breaking Down French Fashion-Editor Style With a French Fashion Editor“At French Vogue, they are all skinny with their hair undone…”
  5. weekend in review
    5 Fashion Stories You May Have Missed This WeekendKanye’s (alleged!) $10 million Adidas deal, Galliano’s small victory, and more.
  6. scene stealers
    Street Style: Fierce Bobs and Jewel-Like Clutches in MilanZooming in on the details.
  7. scene stealers
    The 30 Most Stylish People From Fashion MonthJoanna Hillman and Shala Monroque made our list, but there are some new faces, too.
  8. 24-hour wardrobe
    24-Hour Capsule Wardrobe: Emmanuelle Alt’s Day-to-Night UniformThere’s something to be said for consistency.
  9. ze french
    Emmanuelle Alt Hasn’t Seen CR Fashion BookOne day.
  10. notes from a fashion director
    Amy Larocca’s Paris Fashion Dispatch, Day OneThe week kicks off with a ravishing Dries show.
  11. look book
    The Emmanuelle Alt Look BookThe French Vogue editor exemplifies uniform dressing.
  12. scene stealers
    Milan Street Style: Saving the Best for Last After this, basta. On to Paris.
  13. cover girls (and boys)
    Kate Moss and George Michael Cement Their Friendship With a Vogue CoverNothing says forever like a joint Vogue cover.
  14. things that are printed on paper
    First Looks: Inside the New French VogueEmmanuelle Alt made some changes.
  15. ze french
    The Theme of French Vogue Is the Color BlackAnd the magazine got a makeover.
  16. cover girls
    Marion Cotillard Covers American and Paris VogueWell, why not?
  17. cover girls
    See Vogue Paris’s ‘Health Initiative’ IssueHow does this cover stack up to American Vogue’s Olympic athletes?
  18. feuds
    Apparently Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld Must Be Separated at ShowsAlso, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is using her pregnancy as “an excuse to take it easy.”
  19. fashion goddesses
    Emmanuelle Alt Just Loves George Michael That French Vogue video was her “dream come true.”
  20. fashion goddesses
    Emmanuelle Alt Dances, Lip Syncs for French Vogue’s Website RedesignIn white high-tops.
  21. revamps
    Emmanuelle Alt’s New French Vogue SiteIt’ll go live on February 6.
  22. carine!
    Carine Roitfeld: ‘I Am the Winner’Yes, she’s referring to her feud with Emmanuelle Alt.
  23. loose threads
    Emmanuelle Alt’s Advent Playlist; Madonna’s Mild Case of Middleton ManiaPlus, Hilary Rhoda’s new cover of Numéro Tokyo.
  24. group huddle
    What Were All the International Vogue Editors Thinking During Their Group Photo Last Night?It looks just as awkward as it probably was.
  25. convergences
    All the International Vogue Editors Will Hang Out Together for the Very First Time Next MonthIn one room!
  26. carine!
    Why Did Carine Roitfeld Really Leave French Vogue?Sources wonder if pressures from Condé to feature advertisers’ clothes had anything to do with it.
  27. carine!
    Will Carine Roitfeld Buddy Up With Tom Ford After French Vogue?That’s what her fellow fashion editors suspect.
  28. shiny stuff
    Michael Jackson Won’t Wear Balmain for His Upcoming Tour (Updated)But he will wear thousands upon thousands of crystals. Obviously.
  29. we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly
    French Vogue’s Emmanuelle Alt ‘Obsessed’ With Michael JacksonAnd that is how he got his hands on fall 2009 Balmain earlier this week.
  30. we love
    We Love … Isabel MarantFive reasons why we can’t get enough of the designer’s fall collection.