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  1. horny police
    This New Emoji Is Flirting With MeWho is she?
  2. These Are the New Emoji Coming Soon to Your iPhoneThe vomit emoji is great.
  3. sex lives podcast
    The Terrors of the Side-Eye EmojiOn Snapchat, it symbolizes one-way relationships.
  4. linguistics
    Emoji Have a Dual NatureDepending on what they’re describing, people write with emoji using one of two logics.
  5. emoji
    Google Introduces New Gender-Equality EmojiPrepare to introduce the woman welder to your group texts.
  6. diversity
    You Might Actually Be Able to Identify With Google’s New Female Career Emoji Finally, an accurate representation of Career Day.
  7. Indonesia Feels Threatened by LGBT EmojiThat bright-yellow same-sex couple is dangerous.
  8. emotions
    Here’s the Science of the Happy CryBecause the geniuses at Oxford Dictionaries just chose the corresponding emoji as “word of the year.”
  9. i get so emojinal
    There Are So Many New Emoji Available Right Now!We can finally say cheese and F-U with abandon.
  10. iconography
    New Emoji Goes Way Beyond EggplantA lot of D options.
  11. emoji speak louder than words
    Just Think of All the People You’ll Send the Middle-Finger Emoji ToA dream has been realized.
  12. backlashes
    Is It Fair to Say Maybe the Beyhive Overreacted Yesterday?It’s okay to admit it.
  13. linguisms
    The Internet Talks Like a WomanMen can only hope to imitate women’s linguistic creativity online.
  14. i get so emojinal
    We Can’t Use the Eggplant Emoji for Sexting Anymore, Thanks to DiploThanks a lot, Diplo.
  15. i get so emojinal
    Emoji Has Finally Given Us a Black Santa The new racially diverse emoji have arrived.
  16. r.i.p words
    The Most Popular Word of 2014 Isn’t Actually a Word¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. so emojional
    Rejoice! Emoji Realizes Nonwhite People ExistEmoji representation for all!
  18. emoji expression
    One Day, Emoji Will Be the Only Language LeftWho needs words.
  19. modern communication
    There Is Now a Set of Lesbian-Specific EmojiHome Depot and fish tacos.
  20. butts butts butts
    Confirmed: Peaches Look Like ButtsEspecially when dressed in tiny lingerie. 
  21. emoji expression
    Life Won’t Be Complete Until We Get These Emojis33 ideas for emojis we’d use regularly.
  22. Emoji Characters Made Into Makeup and Manicures in V MagazineThe latest by makeup artist Peter Philips for V Magazine.