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  1. sexting
    Please Don’t Abuse This EmojiA lament.
  2. culture
    What Is the Best Obscure Emoji?Cut staffers make the case for their personal favorites.
  3. niche drama
    Imagine Being Petty Enough to Inflict This Ugly Emoji House on Your Enemies“I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions.”
  4. politics
    Guess Which Emoji White House Officials Use for Anthony ScaramucciJust like Gary Cohn and Reince Priebus, White House officials use a specific emoji to refer to Anthony Scaramucci.
  5. emojiversity
    The New Emoji Are Out and They’re Actually Pretty GreatThere are single-parent families, a rainbow pride flag, and a range of female athletes.
  6. so emojional
    Soon We’ll Live in a World With Iris Apfel EmojiLike Kimoji for Advanced Style fans.
  7. emoji speak louder than words
    Emoji Refuse to Conform to Your Outdated BinaryIn the future, you might be able to decide your emoji’s gender.
  8. emojis
    Text a Friend a Kim Kardashian Butt, Why Not?Kim Kardashian [Kim Kardashian butt] launched [rocketship] an emoji app [upside-down smile].
  9. can u not
    Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word, It’s an EmojiWhat’s the emoji for “embarrassing bid for relevancy”?
  10. so emojional
    Your Face Deserves to Be an EmojiA new app casts you in an emoji keyboard.
  11. self-expression
    These Cindy Sherman Emoji Know How You FeelAvailable for download and deployment. 
  12. correlations
    Can Emoji Ever Be Sexy, Though? Supposedly, emoji users have more sex. 
  13. technology you don’t need
    Karl Lagerfeld Released a Very Karl Lagerfeld Emoji AppIncluding, of course, a Choupette.
  14. emoji art
    The Definitive Emoji-Sexting GlossaryThe birds and the bees and the eggplants and the peaches.
  15. beyoncemojis
    This ‘Drunk in Love’ Emoji Video Is a DreamA modern masterpiece.
  16. feeling feelings
    Introducing the Cut’s Fashion Week EmojisSometimes, the only reply you can send is an Anna Wintour emoji.
  17. attention please
    Indoor Selfies Way More Popular for Ladies’ Dating ProfilesAnd :-) is better received than :).