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  1. science of us
    I Know You Know That Happiness Is FleetingBut it’s so easy to forget.
  2. science of us
    How to Let Go of Pointless Mental AnguishAaand done! Releasing the worst-case scenario “truth” I torture myself with.
  3. This Psychologist Is Figuring Out How Your Brain Makes Emotions“Emotions are not your reactions to your world. They are how you make sense of what’s going on inside your body in relation to the world.”
  4. science of us
    The Weirdest Thing About How Music Triggers MemoriesThe music that recalls memories fastest.
  5. Why Frequent Sex Makes for Happier HumansCuddle more, says research.
  6. Emotional Swings Make You More GullibleWhy the “good cop, bad cop” routine works.
  7. Heartbreak Looks a Lot Like Drug Withdrawal in the Brain“The same areas of the brain that were active in the brains of cocaine addicts were active in these people who were heartbroken.”
  8. science of us
    When Awe Turns FrighteningIt’s not all sunsets. It’s also thunderstorms.
  9. Psychologists Think They Found the Purpose of DepressionIt can pull you out of the hustle of daily life — and into meaning-making.
  10. Emotions Can Help You Remember Unrelated Things, TooYou remember what you feel.
  11. personality
    How to (Kind of) Master Your NeuroticismOr: How to adapt to your own personality.
  12. 6 Ways to Grieve for the ElectionWhat to do with an emotion-stirring, wounding result.
  13. emotion
    Having Finely Tuned Emotions Will Help You Process Trump’s WinThe richer your vocabulary, the greater your resilience.
  14. The Personality Trait That Makes You Cry at Sad MusicIt’s all about how moving you find the song to be.
  15. The Psychological Reason You Care More About This Kid Than Millions of RefugeesThe bias against collective suffering.
  16. The Olympic Winners’ Facial Expressions Are a Scientific MysteryPeople cover their mouths or touch their faces when they’re overcome with emotion, but researchers still have no idea why.
  17. People With High ‘Emotional Granularity’ Are Better at Being SadAnd why “righteous indignation” is healthier than “anger.”
  18. emotion
    Teen Music Is Wasted on the TeensCarly Rae Jepsen makes the perfect pop for adults who are still growing up.
  19. neurology
    How Watching Reality TV Might Help Bring Out the Best in UsUnderstanding the neurological roots of “vicarious embarrassment.”
  20. crying
    Why It Feels So Good to Cry in the ShowerTobias Fünke was on to something.
  21. neurology
    Smiling Changes How You View the WorldEvidence from a new brain-scan study.