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  1. self
    Crying girl on bed
    How to Make Yourself CryIf you feel like you’re in need of a good cry, here are a few ways to get the tears flowing.
  2. cry time
    Why Do We Cry? A Few Explanations for Emotional Tears.Humans are the only animals that weep out of an abundance of feeling, and researchers don’t really know why.
  3. science of us
    African American woman lying in bed and looking at camera.
    What Does It Mean If You’re Easily Bored?What being highly boredom-prone suggests about your personality.
  4. new emotions
    20 More New Emotions, From ReadersFrom “shrediness” and “hongry” to “fungover” and “blooby.”
  5. new emotions
    That Feeling When Your Fight-or-Flight Response Has No FightThere’s a vague sense of humiliation that accompanies an instinctual retreat from a perceived danger.
  6. new emotions
    That Feeling When a Minor Problem Seems Like the End of the WorldI knew I wasn’t facing a tragedy, but my feelings disagreed.
  7. new emotions
    That Feeling When You Share Your Deepest Secrets With a StrangerThere’s an unfettered closeness that comes from spending an intimate night with someone while knowing that you won’t see that person again.
  8. new emotions
    That Feeling When You’re Haunted by Online EmbarrassmentsChagrinternet is the lingering feeling of minor humiliation endemic to participating in social life online.
  9. new emotions
    That Feeling When You Bond With Someone Over Feeling the Same PainIt’s not Schadenfreude (damage plus joy). Instead, it’s Freundeschaden (friend plus damage).
  10. new emotions
    That Feeling When Humiliation From Years Ago Hits You All Over AgainYou lie in bed, your mind blissfully empty, when suddenly you are awash with rembarrassment — the feeling of eyes on you from 20 years ago.
  11. new emotions
    That Feeling When You’re Nostalgic for a Time You’d Never Want to ReliveThe general miasma of happy days is rich, but thinking about times of sorrow is what’s really stirring.
  12. new emotions
    That Feeling When It’s 3 a.m. and Your Demons Start TalkingNocturnal admissions are the insidious feelings of self-recrimination that take over your brain in states of middle-of-the-night semi-consciousness.
  13. new emotions
    That Feeling When Another Woman Hypes You UpVeiled in compliments is the same message over and over again: Keep going.
  14. that feeling when
    Introducing 78 New EmotionsA scientific theory that suggests we have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them — and so we did, asking writers to identify new ways to feel.
  15. that feeling when
    If You Can Say It, You Can Feel ItSome scientists believe we have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them.
  16. emotions
    Justin Bieber Partakes in Two of His Favorite Pastimes(Weeping, and hinting at his marital sex life.)
  17. science of us
    I Can’t Stop Thinking About This 1991 Book About PainIt’s about healing the body with the mind.
  18. science of us
    Exercise Is Mood SorceryMaybe the word “exercise” needs a rebranding.
  19. science of us
    The Day I Discovered Heartbreak AdrenalineIt’s a real feeling if I say it is.
  20. science of us
    If You’re Sick of ‘Mindfulness,’ Might I Recommend ‘Interoception’?Wake up, interocept. Take a break, interocept.
  21. science of us
    This New Study on Loneliness Sure Is BleakEven its “silver lining” isn’t all that comforting.
  22. emotions
    The Long, Tortured Romance of Kendall Jenner and Anwar HadidAn exhaustive investigation prompted by Anwar’s maudlin Instagram stories.
  23. emotions
    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are the Latest Celebrity Couple to Publicly WeepIt was just last week that Justin Bieber sobbed with Hailey Baldwin after riding Citi Bikes.
  24. this worries me
    These 10 Apps Can Help You Manage Your AnxietyImagine: Your phone as a source of calm, for once.
  25. science of us
    Am I Suffering From Anxiety or am I Just Stressed?Are you anxious about being anxious?
  26. science of us
    There’s a Name for That Inexplicable Post-Sex SadnessResearch shows that it’s pretty common.
  27. science of us
    The Single Easiest Way to Control Your Emotions at WorkIt’s all about resetting your brain.
  28. science of us
    Here’s Your Cheat Sheet to HappinessThe most talked-about college course in America isn’t about making money or saving the world. It’s about how to be truly happy. We took it for you.
  29. science of us
    Advice From a Polyamory Coach on Dealing With Relationship JealousyStep one: Accept that it’s probably inevitable.
  30. how to raise a boy
    What Aggression Really Means to BoysSix perspectives on violence, parents, play, rage, fear, and intimacy.
  31. science of us
    Who Gets Left Out of the Advice to ‘Make Your Own Happiness’A new book argues that the positive psychology movement ignores the life experiences that can make happiness elusive.
  32. science of us
    Using Anger-Management Techniques to Cope With 2017An old therapy has some very current benefits.
  33. science of us
    You’ll Be Happier If You Let Yourself Feel BadA new study argues that you should accept your negative emotions rather than trying to fight them off.
  34. ‘Emotional Diversity’ Is More Important Than HappinessAllowing yourself to feel a wide range of feelings may be good for your health.
  35. Natural Selection Made Us Anxious. Meditation Can Help.An evolutionary psychologist’s take on Buddhism.
  36. emotions
    Donald Trump’s Oldest Sons Are Reportedly Jealous of Jared Kushner“They miss being at the center of attention.”
  37. emotions
    Donald Trump Jr. Is Reportedly ‘Miserable’ Now That His Dad’s the PresidentPulling out the world’s tiniest violin.
  38. People Like Tweets That Tell Them How to FeelThe more passionate the feeling, the more widely the tweets seemed to spread, according to a new study.
  39. An Excuse for Summertime SelfishnessToo hot to be helpful.
  40. The Psychology of ‘So Good It Makes Me Angry’What it means when your reaction doesn’t quite match up with your emotions.
  41. science of us
    This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Read PoetryA new study explains.
  42. The Woman Who Literally Couldn’t Stop CryingThe tears kept on coming even when she wasn’t sad.
  43. Want a Mood Boost? Make Yourself Cry to Sad MusicJust press play.
  44. We’re Now One Step Closer to Knowing What Cats Are Actually Thinking▶️ Cats’ emotions break down into three categories …
  45. Use This Storytelling Technique to Make Your Bad Memories Feel More MeaningfulAnd gain some much-needed distance.
  46. If You Are Bad at Reading Facial Expressions, Perhaps This Is WhyIn a new book, a psychologist questions the assumption that facial expressions can always be neatly matched to a discrete emotion.
  47. There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Emotional IntelligenceEverything in moderation.
  48. That Nails-on-a-Chalkboard Feeling May Be Its Own Separate EmotionNot just the shivers, not quite disgust.
  49. Being Mindful Makes You Less Likely to Screw Up Your RelationshipIt helps to be “aware of, and then cope constructively with, negative reactions to challenging relationship experiences.”
  50. Your Emotions Are More Malleable Than You ThinkHere’s how to turn your stress into excitement.
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