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  1. isn’t it ironic
    World’s Top Empathy Researcher Revealed As a BullyDo as I say, not as I do?
  2. how does that make you feel
    A Therapist on Learning to Empathize Without Burning OutBecause truly caring about someone else’s problems can be draining.
  3. science of us
    To Get Better at Understanding Other People, Start With YourselfResearch shows that introspection breeds empathy.
  4. A New Study Says Loneliness Turns People SelfishAnd vice versa.
  5. Why We Trust Doctors More If We Can Relate to ThemEven though sharing a common life experience doesn’t always mean you’ll get better care.
  6. There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Do EmpathyPutting yourself in someone else’s shoes, as opposed to just imagining how they’re feeling, can lead to higher stress and burnout.
  7. To Be More Empathetic, Pay Attention to Your Own BodyA new study found that people who focused on their heartbeats were better at understanding what those around them were feeling.
  8. science of us
    Where Empathy Lives in the BrainA new study looks at the neurological changes that take place as kids learn to imagine what others are thinking.
  9. Crowdfunding for Medical Bills Shows the Limits of EmpathyBecause of how narrow a spotlight empathy casts, it makes it hard to solve the biggest, most difficult problems facing society.
  10. George Saunders: Fiction Makes You Less Self-AbsorbedWith a little help from Chekhov.
  11. Empathetic People Make the Best Dog WhisperersThe more empathy you have, the better you may be at decoding dogs’ facial expressions.
  12. science of us
    How ‘Intellectual Humility’ Can Make You a Better PersonBe open about how much you don’t know.
  13. moral psychology
    Why Empathy Is BadIn his new book, the Yale psychologist Paul Bloom lays out a surprisingly convincing case against a beloved concept.
  14. empathy
    Gladwell: HDTV Has Made the NFL Psychologically PainfulThe greater the empathy, the worse the viewing experience.
  15. rage
    If Trump Wins, It’s Time to Burn the Girl-Power PlaybookForget the feminist promise of meritocracy.
  16. Empathy Is Nice, But It’s Not Exactly NecessaryYou don’t need to feel someone else’s emotions — you just need to care about them.
  17. The Personality Trait That Makes You Cry at Sad MusicIt’s all about how moving you find the song to be.
  18. Another Reason to Be Smug About Your Superior Taste in BooksReading literature may help you “read” people, too.
  19. intuition
    When It Comes to Empathy, Your Gut May Be Failing YouIt can be better to force yourself into “slow” thinking.
  20. What Living As a Badger Taught a Professor About Being HumanLessons from a stint as another species.
  21. love and war
    Why Empathy Is the Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your KidsThe author of the new book Unselfie explains.
  22. The Secret to Being a Better Leader: See and Hear OthersStop making this about you.
  23. Feeling Like Your Partner ‘Gets’ You Really Is a Big DealAnd this is true “regardless of whether it’s grounded in reality.”
  24. jealousy
    When Jealousy and Empathy Collide in the BrainA brain-imaging study suggests that we don’t mind that much when people above us in a hierarchy are in pain.
  25. empathy
    Happy People Aren’t Always Great at EmpathyThey’re not as emotionally intelligent as they think they are. 
  26. Can Where the Wild Things Are Teach Kids Empathy?The larger life lessons of picture books.
  27. Are Our Phones Making Us Less Empathetic?One researcher thinks so.
  28. Can Harry Potter Teach Kids Empathy?Kids who read the books might be less judge-y toward outsiders.
  29. empathy
    Facebook Could Add a ‘Sympathize’ Button For times when “liking” just isn’t appropriate.