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  1. phone sex
    Class-Action Lawsuit Offers Rare Glimpse Inside Phone-Sex IndustryThe suit alleges that workers are cheated out of compensation.
  2. mind the gender gap
    More Than 90 Percent of New Jobs in March Reportedly Went to MenOut of 98,000 new jobs in March, only 9,000 went to women, according to a report.
  3. Men Won’t Apply for Job Postings That Use ‘Feminine’ PhrasesThey won’t apply if the posting says “sympathetic” or “families.”
  4. employment
    Leave the Politics Off Your RésuméIt’s much more likely to do you harm than good.
  5. employment
    Mischa Barton Takes a Long Drag on Her E-cig, Thinks About the PastRegretting The O.C., basking in e-cigarette employment. 
  6. benefits
    Allentown Prostitution Ring Offered Excellent Maternity LeaveBut might have still been sex-trafficking.