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  1. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Am I Petty?’We all have people we don’t like. But you’re letting your enemies live in your brain rent-free.
  2. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: EnemiesI’ve found myself missing people I profoundly dislike.
  3. frenemies
    How to Spot Frenemies: 9 Ways to Tell You Have a FrenemyPassive aggressive? Always gossiping about you? You might have a frenemy.
  4. enemies
    Stormy Daniels Responds to Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea: ‘How Ya Like Me Now’She tweeted a taunt after the man who accused her of lying plead guilty to federal charges.
  5. office hours
    Every Woman Needs a Male Nemesis at WorkOne easy trick to achieving your goals: Focus on a man who sucks.
  6. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Obsessing Over My Former Enemy?You’re lucky — this is an opportunity.