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  1. what the frack
    Rick Perry Thinks That Increased Fossil-Fuel Usage Will Prevent Sexual AssaultTruly amazing mental gymnastics by our Energy secretary.
  2. The Best Way to Save Humanity May Be to Shrink ItOur savior isn’t Elon Musk, it’s Rick Moranis.
  3. swellness
    Trying Out Enchanted Crystal, the Birchbox for CrystalsWould getting sparkly rocks in the mail change my life?
  4. swellness
    Meet the Woman Giving Healing Crystals to Hip-hop StarsRadio personality Devi Brown explains why crystals are so special, and why rappers are clutching them onstage.
  5. swellness
    I Put Needles in My Face for Beauty — I Mean WellnessGoing beneath the surface for extremely surface reasons — an acupuncture face-lift.
  6. relationships
    Love Is an Energy DrinkIt perks us up by stressing us out (but in a good way).