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Engagement Ring

  1. jewelry
    Acne Studios : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025
    EmRata Wants to Make ‘Divorce Rings’ a ThingThe model found a new use for her once-viral engagement ring.
  2. peak dupe
    “He Put a Dupe in a Little Blue Box” Four women on discovering their engagement rings were fake.
  3. ???
    Cher and Alexander Edwards Have Reportedly Broken UpLooks like the massive diamond ring he gave her was “just a beautiful gift” after all.
  4. celebrity couples
    Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley Are Reportedly EngagedIs that an engagement ring I see?
  5. engagement ring
    Bennifer Is Officially Engaged — AgainYes, he got a new ring.
  6. engagements
    Simone Biles Is EngagedShe and NFL player Jonathan Owens have been together since 2020.
  7. vampires
    Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring … Bites?“The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts.”
  8. don’t be fooled by the rocks
    Is a Bennifer Proposal in Our Future?Ben Affleck was photographed perusing engagement rings at Tiffany’s.
  9. ethical diamonds
    A Conscious-Diamond Ring for the Modern CoupleTen/Ten offers a new take on what it means to wear a beautiful engagement ring.
  10. breakups
    How Much Can Pete Davidson Resell Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring For?We talked to an expert to find out.
  11. look of the day
    Emma Roberts Is in the Market for ‘More Boys’At least according to her T-shirt.
  12. married-kate and ashley
    Mary-Kate Wants a Baby and a Ring and a Partridge in a Pear TreeA Christmas list develops.