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  1. enough
    Ben Affleck Is Sick and TiredOur guy is back to being brutally honest about his very bad mood.
  2. enough
    What Else Can We Put in Space?Apparently, someone is building a movie studio and sports arena out there.
  3. gird your loins
    Truly, We Do Not Need Any More Game of ThronesI am already exhausted.
  4. sexual harassment
    Women in California Politics Have Had Enough140 women signed a letter condemning the “pervasive” culture of sexual harassment in California’s capital.
  5. enough
    Why Does the Media Keep Giving Abusive Men Platforms for Redemption?On Woody Allen, Chris Brown, and Greg Hardy.
  6. enough
    We Don’t Need Madonna’s Family DramaEveryone has enough of his or her own drama to deal with, thank you.