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  1. first person
    Do You Hate Me for My Yard?Resentment might be the only thing our isolation has in common.
  2. strong dumb take
    Grand Dividing Theory of Female DoritosThere are two types of women: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.
  3. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Escape My Professional Envy?Remember that the targets for your jealousy are irrelevant.
  4. perfect 10
    All the Time I’ve Wasted Watching the Better Versions of MeHating myself while envying the women who seem to have everything I want.
  5. jealousy
    How Envy Changes As You Get OlderThe things you’re jealous of at 20 aren’t the same as the things that will drive you nuts at 50. 
  6. i like this bitch’s life
    I’m So Jealous of That Damn Hipster Barbie Doll If only I could be as gloriously, shamelessly fake as she is.
  7. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Is Everyone Succeeding Except Me?Put your ego aside and figure out what makes you happy.
  8. All the Things You Missed During Friendship WeekThis week, the Cut explored the complicated realm of female friendship.
  9. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.