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Equal Pay Day

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    Lilly Ledbetter Opens Up About Sexual HarassmentIn a powerful op-ed, the equal-pay advocate discussed her #MeToo moment, and how sexual harassment affects the pay gap.
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    6 HR Execs on How Equal Pay Really WorksA few tips about salaries and pay gaps.
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    All the Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Equal Pay in HollywoodA timeline.
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    What It’s Like to Make a Million Dollars a YearWe asked a banker, a publicist, and an entrepreneur.
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    We Asked 14 Employees to Share Their Salaries With Each OtherIt’s one thing to say that you want equality with your colleagues, and quite another to put that number out in the open.
  6. Serena Williams Wrote a Powerful Essay About Black Women’s Equal Pay DayBlack women have to work eight months longer than their white male counterparts to make the same amount of money.
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    Why White Women Must Make the Equal-Pay Fight More Inclusive“This work doesn’t need your guilt; it requires your solidarity.”
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    What to Do If You Suspect You’re Getting Unequal Pay for Equal WorkOn Equal Pay Day, fight for your own fair pay.
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    I Quit My Job Over Equal Pay. Here’s What I Learned“It is possible to be paid what you’re worth. You just have to stop settling.”
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    3 Women on What Happened When They Asked for a Raise“I’d sooner have taken off all my clothes and run down the street than ask someone for money.”
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    A Man’s Guide to Celebrating Equal Pay DayA few agenda items for male allies.
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    Do We Really Want Equal Pay?It’s Women’s Equality Day, but what kind of equality do we really want?
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    Women Can’t End the Wage Gap on Their OwnAsking for more is great — but employers have to do their part, too.
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    If Only Our Friends Could Negotiate Our SalariesWe’d be richer.