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Equal Pay

  1. culture
    Apparently, Vanna White Hasn’t Gotten a Raise in 18 YearsPay this card-turning icon what she deserves!
  2. the cut podcast
    In Her Shoes: Katey SagalOn this episode, the beloved actress talks sexism and ageism in the entertainment industry.
  3. 2019 women’s world cup
    Fans Demand ‘Equal Pay’ for U.S. Women’s Soccer Team After World Cup WinThe women’s team is paid significantly less than their male counterparts, despite winning four World Cup titles and the men winning none.
  4. q&a
    Abby Wambach Wishes She Didn’t Buy All Those Watches and CarsThe soccer legend retired at 35, but still needs a paycheck.
  5. sexism
    Vice Settles $1.87 Million Lawsuit for Underpaying Hundreds of WomenThe company was accused of systematically underpaying women who worked at the company.
  6. ask a boss
    How to Negotiate a Salary After a Job Offer: 6 Tips to Get More MoneyThe safest time to bring it up, what to say in two sentences, and more.
  7. equal pay day
    6 HR Execs on How Equal Pay Really WorksA few tips about salaries and pay gaps.
  8. equal pay day
    What It’s Like to Make a Million Dollars a YearWe asked a banker, a publicist, and an entrepreneur.
  9. equal pay day
    We Asked 14 Employees to Share Their Salaries With Each OtherIt’s one thing to say that you want equality with your colleagues, and quite another to put that number out in the open.
  10. equal pay
    BBC’s China Editor Resigns Over Gender Pay GapCarrie Gracie says the network’s two male international editors earn “at least 50 percent more” than their female counterparts.
  11. pay parity
    It’s Now Illegal in Iceland to Pay Women Less Than MenThey’re the first country to legalize equal pay.
  12. politics
    Ivanka Trump Gets an ‘F’ for Her Work on Women’s IssuesThe Center for American Progress analyzed what she’s done for women and working families.
  13. White House Won’t Require Businesses to Report How Much Women Get PaidIvanka Trump backed the abolishment of the Obama-era rule.
  14. equal pay
    These Are the Highest-Paid Actresses in the WorldSpoiler alert: They’re all white.
  15. Serena Williams Wrote a Powerful Essay About Black Women’s Equal Pay DayBlack women have to work eight months longer than their white male counterparts to make the same amount of money.
  16. Mothers Are Paid Less Than Fathers in Every State and at Every Education LevelOn average, a mom makes 71 cents to a dad’s dollar.
  17. the gender pay gap
    Department of Labor Accuses Google of ‘Extreme’ Gender Pay GapSo much for “Don’t be evil.”
  18. The Fight for Fair Pay in Women’s Sports Isn’t OverMale athletes need to put their money where their mouths are.
  19. equal pay
    Here’s How the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Is Protesting for Fair PayNegotiations have been going on for more than a year.
  20. equal pay
    Utah GOP Chair Apologizes for Saying Women Shouldn’t Be Paid Equally“To those who were offended, I profusely apologize.”
  21. mind the gender pay gap
    Audi’s New Super Bowl Ad Calls for Equal Pay“Progress is for everyone.”
  22. The National Women’s Hockey League Just Slashed Its Players’ Pay Without WarningIt’s the first women’s professional hockey league to pay players salaries.
  23. the gender pay gap
    U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Spoke on 60 Minutes About Fight for Equal PayThe team filed a complaint earlier this year alleging U.S. Soccer is in violation of Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.
  24. gender equality
    This Report Proves Gender Equality Is Getting Worse, Not BetterAccording to a report from the World Economic Forum, the global pay gap is now larger than at any point since 2008.
  25. campus sexual assault
    Emma Watson Calls for Reform of Campus Assault Policies, in Powerful UN Speech“A university should be a place of refuge that takes action against all forms of violence.”
  26. pay gap
    Men Still Make More Money Than Women and the Reason Why SucksIn the past decade, the amount women make compared to men has only gone up by two cents.
  27. hmmm
    Equal-Pay Advocate Ivanka Trump Apparently Makes Her Interns Work for FreeHuh.
  28. shade room
    Chelsea Clinton Wants to Know How Ivanka’s Dad Will Secure Equal Pay for WomenShow her the receipts.
  29. the state of women is meh
    Obama’s Legacy for Women Shows a Feminist President Is Not EnoughHis speech last week bore a striking resemblance to the promises he made to women on the campaign trail eight years earlier.
  30. women at work
    Adam Smith Isn’t the Real Economic Hero — His Mother IsTalking the fallacy of the “economic man” with author Katrine Marçal.
  31. Serena Williams on the Gender Pay Gap in Sports: We Have a Lot of Work to DoIn a new interview with Glamour.
  32. equal pay
    Even Claire Underwood Had to Fight for Equal PayRobin Wright said she’d go public if she didn’t get it.
  33. foot in mouth syndrome
    Rich Dudes Really Can’t Stop Saying Offensive Stuff About Women’s TennisA big year for tennis gaffes. 
  34. office hours
    Here’s What Happens When Women Talk About MoneyBehind closed doors.
  35. wise words
    Kat Graham on Beauty and Changing the World“I’m doing everything in my power from where I’m standing to challenge the industry.”
  36. accio wokebaeness
    Harry Potter and the Hollywood Gender Pay GapDaniel Radcliffe wonders, “How can this still be happening?”
  37. mind the pay gap
    Jessica Chastain Refuses to Be Paid in Just GratitudeShe wants that paper.
  38. equal pay
    Abby Wambach’s Chill Plans for Retirement: Solving the Pay GapWe haven’t seen the last of the World Cup star, and thank god.
  39. equal pay
    Great News, Ladies: We’re Only 118 Years Away From Getting Equal PayWith all this cryogenic technology, you’ll be getting paid fairly in no time.
  40. equal pay
    Here Are the U.S. Cities With the Best and Worst Pay EqualityWe’re closer to achieving women’s pay equality in some cities than we are in others.
  41. can u not
    Least-Useful Avenger Says It’s ‘Not My Job’ to Help Actresses Get Equal PayLuckily, the women of Hollywood don’t need his help.