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  1. rich people
    So, How Did Those Much-Protested Trump Fundraisers Go?The president’s reelection campaign raked in $12 million at two separate events in the Hamptons, including a lunch hosted by the founder of Equinox.
  2. power
    Equinox Tried to Comfort Employees on an Internal Call. It Didn’t Go So Well.In the call, obtained by the Cut, management did little to assuage employees’ concerns over its investors support for Trump.
  3. sorry
    Unfortunately All These Millennial Brands Have to Be Canceled TooWe’re afraid it’s not just SoulCycle and Equinox.
  4. boycotts
    People Are Rushing to Cancel Their Equinox MembershipsAfter news broke that the company’s owner was hosting a lavish fundraiser for Trump.
  5. politics
    The Owner of SoulCycle and Equinox Is Throwing a Fancy Trump FundraiserTo the dismay of many fans of the gym chain and stationary-bicycle lifestyle cult.
  6. let’s get physical
    7 Workouts Worth Suffering Through for the Beauty ProductsNothing like the sweet, sweet smell of Chanel moisturizer you didn’t have to buy.
  7. work
    How I Get It Done: Niki Leondakis, CEO of EquinoxThe head of the fitness brand on yoga, Greek food, and her “weekend marriage.”
  8. sexual harassment
    Man Says Equinox Canceled His Membership After He Was Groped in Yoga ClassHe subsequently sued the club, but the DA decided not to press charges.
  9. Forget WeWork, Try Working From the GymI worked out of an Equinox for two months. Here’s how it went.
  10. working on my fitness
    11 Affordable ClassPass AlternativesWhere to go after you to ditch ClassPass after the price hike.
  11. campaign trail
    See Steven Klein’s Muscly, Freaky Fitness AdsEquinox goes cultcore.
  12. modern farmer
    Sexy City Gym Admits Sexy Farmers Are SexierEquinox embraces lumbersexuality. 
  13. campaign trail
    No More Sexy Equinox Ads for Terry RichardsonThey’ll be replaced by something “progressive,” though, don’t worry.
  14. hurricane sandy
    Power Outage a Good Excuse to Hit the GymExercise optional.
  15. sexy exercise
    Here’s a Sexy Yoga Video To get you in the mood for _______.
  16. campaign trail
    Video: Behind the Scenes at Terry Richardson’s Equinox ShootStill not at all gym-related.
  17. loose threads
    Terry Richardson Shot New Ads for Equinox; People Shopped a Lot This Season!Also, Pendleton is designing a diffusion line, and lots of people shopped this holiday season!