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Eric Trump

  1. obits
    Things Got a Little Dark at Ivana Trump’s FuneralThe Trump children remembered their mother’s brains and beauty — and her use of corporal punishment.
  2. big boys
    Can You Tell These Rich Political Sons Apart?Be honest.
  3. the trumps
    Big Boss Boys Donald Trump Jr. and His Brother Honored on #NationalBossDay“Happy #NationalBossDay to our boys,” the Trump Organization tweeted.
  4. huh
    Eric Trump Says That His Father Only Sees GreenIn which the middle Trump son defends the president against claims that he’s racist.
  5. happy birthday!
    The GOP’s Plan to Get People to Wish Eric Trump a Happy Birthday FailedToday’s the big boy’s birthday.
  6. conspiracy theories
    Eric Trump Suggests Ellen DeGeneres Is Part of the ‘Deep State’In which she joins forces with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  7. media
    Eric Trump Says His Dad Ignores the Haters or Else He’d Get DepressedThe middle Trump son comes out against the press in defense of his father.
  8. last night on late night
    Eric Trump Discovers the Glory of Fidget Spinners on ‘Weekend Update’Eric Trump is every 11-year-old.
  9. politics
    Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Launches Video Series to Praise the PresidentShe only reports “real” (a.k.a. positive) stories about the White House.
  10. emotions
    Donald Trump’s Oldest Sons Are Reportedly Jealous of Jared Kushner“They miss being at the center of attention.”
  11. spoilers
    Donald Trump Spoiled His Daughter-in-Law’s Pregnancy AnnouncementHe “couldn’t help it.”
  12. teens these days
    Eric Trump Was Heckled by Teens in New YorkTeens will save us all.
  13. election day
    Both Donald and Eric Trump Were Caught Spying on Their Wives’ BallotsVery nosy.
  14. election 2016
    Here’s How Two Sisters Trolled Eric Trump at a North Carolina RallyThey wore a white shirt that said “Latina contra Trump.”
  15. politics
    Trump Campaign’s Ideal World Is One in Which Women Don’t VoteEric Trump sent around an electorate map that excludes women.
  16. politics
    Eric Trump: My Dad’s ‘Alpha Personality’ Is Why He Bragged About Groping WomenTrump’s son excuses his sexist remarks with the same logic pickup artists use.
  17. sexual harassment
    Eric Trump: Ivanka Too Strong to Be HarassedLike father, like son.
  18. Trump Campaign Floats Ivanka for VP Because ‘She’s Got the Looks’Oh, and she’s smart, too!