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Eric Wilson

  1. ins and outs
    John Koblin of Deadspin Is the Times New ‘Styles’ ReporterEric Wilson’s replacement will know equally as much about Alex Rodriguez and Alexander Wang.
  2. q&a
    InStyle’s Eric Wilson Talks Red Carpets and Fashion HypeAn interview with the venerated reporter on his first day at InStyle.
  3. ins and outs
    Eric Wilson Leaves the Times for InStyleIn an unexpected move, he’ll become the magazine’s fashion news director.
  4. Complaints Against Saint Laurent Gain SteamBut many buyers said they liked the collection.
  5. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes Wants Her Clothes to Make Women Look ‘Skinny and Hot’Holmes & Yang’s Fashion Week debut was otherwise underwhelming.
  6. fashion week grumpiness
    The Times Calls Out Vogue’s Elevator-HoggingBoth Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson were forced to wait.
  7. show and tell
    Kim Kardashian, Go-Karts at Kanye WestAlso, André Leon Talley wore Uggs and velour.
  8. quotables
    Eric Wilson Calls Oscars Fashion ‘Spectacularly Bland’And was Emma Stone trying to hide a hickey?
  9. makeovers
    Amanda Seyfried on Glamour’s Redesigned CoverThey’re both bright yellow.
  10. when celebrities model
    Gary Oldman and Adrien Brody Prefer Prada to the Golden GlobesWhy walk on a red carpet when you can walk on a runway?
  11. mister elusive
    Anna Wintour on Kanye West’s Collection: ‘Ask Someone Else’Eric Wilson assesses the fashion world’s reactions to Kanye’s show.
  12. loose threads
    LVMH Wins Millions in Counterfeit Suit; Daphne Guinness Might Expand Her Film CareerAlso, Rihanna is on the cover of British ‘Vogue,’ and more news.
  13. pearls of wisdom
    The Times Solicits Drag Queens for New Year’s Eve Advice, With Awesome Results“Stilettos are supposed to hurt. That’s why there’s booze.”
  14. girl crushes
    Eric Wilson Worries That Courtney Loves’s Fashionable Friends ‘May Not Be Enough’ for Her to Be Taken SeriouslyBut in the end, how could we ever disapprove of someone who eats “wakeup cupcakes” for breakfast?
  15. omg topshop
    Topshop’s ‘Style Advisers’ Sound TerrifyingWant the job? You’ll need “an encyclopedic knowledge of what Nicole Richie, Peaches Geldof and Sarah Jessica Parker wore when last picking up coffee at Starbucks.”
  16. dress code
    Madonna Dresses Her Age. Is That So Wrong?Eric Wilson thinks Madonna’s latest stylistic reincarnation lacks “teeth.” We think she’s keeping it real.
  17. dress code
    What the Critics Said About New York Fashion Week, and What They Really MeantYou know what it’s like when you’re at dinner with a bunch of people who work together and they start talking about that “report” or that “weird new girl” and you have no idea what they’re talking about? In fact, they may as well be speaking another language? Well, fashion critics are the same way. Their reviews come out in a special breed of flowery, pretentious prose that — though fun to read because only they could come up with it — makes very little sense to fashion outsiders. So we’ve selected some of our favorite New York Fashion Week excerpts from our favorite critics and translated them into language we hope you understand.
  18. loose threads
    Louboutin’s Bags, Crow’s Denim, and Duckie’s Elbows• Expect more handbags from Christian Louboutin’s brand expansion, which also includes up to ten new U.S. boutiques and “aggressive protection” of the brand’s trademarks, like those lovely red soles.