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Erica Jong

  1. sex lives
    25 Famous Women on OrgasmsOn faking it, demanding one, and using creative tactics.
  2. mothers and daughters
    25 Famous Women on Their MothersWith contributions from Hillary Clinton, Zadie Smith, Taylor Swift, and many more.
  3. love and war
    25 Famous Women on CryingFrom Tina Fey to Condoleezza Rice.
  4. the greats
    25 Feminists With Really Great HairFrom Sappho to Yoko and so many more. 
  5. sorry situations
    Erica Jong’s Pity Extends Beyond Miley CyrusErica Jong feels pity for Lena Dunham, James Frey, and anyone who does SoulCycle. 
  6. interview
    Q&A: Erica Jong Feels Miley Cyrus’s PainHer next book is called Fear of Dying.