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  1. culture
    We’re in the Middle of a Palestinian Breakthrough on TVWatching Mo and Ramy take on Palestinian American culture brought me heartache — and relief.
  2. culture
    A New Zine Explores the Sexy Side of CakeCake Zine considers the connection between baking and erotica.
  3. @tavitulle
    Who Would Tavi Gevinson Be Without Instagram?Confessions from inside the algorithm.
  4. first person
    How to Tell the Bad Men From the Good MenIt wasn’t so simple at age 18, writes Caitlin Moran.
  5. first person
    Novelist Deborah Levy Remembers Her Fearless Mother’s Last DaysIn this excerpt from her new memoir, The Cost of Living, Deborah Levy recounts her fearless mother’s life and death.
  6. first person
    The Doctor Is a Woman: Sloane Crosley Considers the Prospect of ParenthoodIn this essay from her new book Look Alive Out There, Sloane Crosley reckons with what the future holds.
  7. Comedian Ali Wong Will Publish a Book of Essays Next YearThey will be letters to her 1-year-old daughter.
  8. beauty standards
    Read Laverne Cox’s Essay About Caitlyn Jenner and Trans Beauty Standards “Most trans folks don’t have the privileges Caitlyn and I now have.”
  9. essays
    Comedian Alexis Wilkinson Just Wrote a Heartbreaking Essay on MourningIt’s a tissues-needed sort of essay.
  10. recommended reading
    Instead of ‘Rape Culture,’ Try ‘Dick Culture’“Every man with a dick believes he is a responsible dick-owner.”
  11. zadie smith
    Zadie Smith’s Grand TourSmith writes an enchanting thing about an enchanting thing. 
  12. passion projects
    Lessons With the 60-Year-Old Kissing ExpertMe, my boyfriend, and 30 different ways of smooching.
  13. confessions
    When ‘Horse Girls’ Become ‘Horse Women’Can a girl return to her favorite childhood hobby as an adult, or is that just too embarrassing?