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  1. why is your skin so good
    How This New Delhi–Based Journalist Gets Her Skin So GoodNikita Upadhyay’s nighttime routine for dehydrated skin.
  2. k beautiful
    A Korean Beauty GlossaryFor everyone who can’t remember the difference between a serum and an ampoule.
  3. put this on your face
    This K-Beauty Brand Wants Your Skin to Glow for SpringThe Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing Collection is here.
  4. skin deep
    This Skin Care Is Made of Platinum and StardustAnd it has many VIP fans.
  5. new releases
    You Can Buy These Korean Beauty Staples at UltaMeet your new skin-care BFF, Peach & Lily.
  6. let’s makeup
    An Indulgent No-Makeup Makeup FoundationLa Prairie’s newest is made with caviar. Yes, caviar.
  7. q&a
    Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Baby Oil Lady’ Reveals Her TechniqueBehind the scenes of his Essence cover shoot.
  8. white house
    See Michelle and Barack Obama Grace the Cover of EssenceThe couple are on the November 2016 issue of “Essence.”
  9. look of the day
    Solange Is a Retro-Funky Guest of HonorBright coral lips, short curly hair, and colorful clashing stripes.
  10. ins and outs
    Ellianna Placas, Essence’s Controversial Fashion Director, Steps DownThe magazine was heavily criticized for hiring her in 2010.
  11. loose threads
    Chalayan’s New Elements; Essence’s Whitney CoverPlus, a solid-gold Hermès handbag, and more fashion news.
  12. quotables
    Nina Garcia Thinks ‘There’s Diversity Already’ in FashionShe thought the ‘Essence’ controversy was “blown out of proportion.”
  13. backlash
    Robin Givhan Thinks Essence’s New White Fashion Director Shows the Magazine ‘Isn’t Just About Black Women’“Black women aren’t ‘special.’ They are individuals and they are universal.”
  14. the most important month of the year
    Essence Has Three September Cover GirlsThe 40th-anniversary issue also marks the start of Elliana Placas’s fashion reign.
  15. backlash
    The Essence Controversy Is More Than Skin-DeepThis isn’t the first time a white editor has worked for a black publication. So what’s all the fuss about?
  16. backlash
    Essence Editor Wonders Why Hiring a White Fashion Director Sparks More Outrage Than So Many Other Issues“When we reported on the increase in sex trafficking of young black girls in urban communities? Silence.”
  17. backlash
    Essence Hires a White Fashion Director, Backlash EnsuesEllianna Placas set to take the fashion reins amid roiling controversy.
  18. the most important month of the year
    The September Issues Are Looking a Bit GauntAd pages are way down. Try to hide your shock.
  19. loose threads
    MObama Wears Talbots on Essence Cover; YSL to Launch ‘New Vintage’ CollectionAlso, Z Zegna is moving its runway show from New York to Milan and the ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ movie premiered.