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  1. ethics
    What Really Caused ‘America’s Best Burger Place’ to Shut Down?What the viral Thrillist article about Bar Stanich left out.
  2. scandals
    It’s Time for Your Daily Scott Pruitt Scandal ReportToday, the EPA administrator is under fire for using staffers to help his daughter get into college and using his position to get Rose Bowl tickets.
  3. White House: Kellyanne Conway Was Trying to Stand Up for Ivanka With EndorsementIn a new letter, the White House says Kellyanne Conway’s endorsement was made “without nefarious motive.”
  4. Watchdog Hits Kellyanne Conway With Formal Ethics ComplaintThe complaint says she violated federal law with her comments about Ivanka Trump’s line.
  5. now smell this
    What Does Female Empowerment Smell Like?Should it be floral?
  6. People Would Generally Prefer Your Self-Driving Car Kill You, Instead of ThemHmmmmm.
  7. It’s Easier to Like the Office Jerk If They’re Good at Their JobCompetence, ethics, and likability are a messy triangle.
  8. Scientists Discuss Synthetic Human Genomes in Secret, Scientists-Only MeetingThis turns out to be a reliable way to draw public attention to your private meeting about the future of human genetics.
  9. technology
    Your Driverless Car Could Be Programmed to Kill YouAdventures in the ethics of autonomous vehicles.
  10. the future
    Genetic Engineering for Our Babies Is RealA new gene-editing technique makes “designer babies” seem like the least of our worries.
  11. work
    Disgusting Environments Lead to Unethical Behavior Reminders of cleanliness seem to promote cooperation.