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  1. rules to live by
    Even Flo Milli Gets Starstruck SometimesThe 23-year-old rapper taking the Coachella stage this month is all about connecting with other artists.
  2. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Friend Gets Too Much BotoxYour first reaction cannot be “yikes.”
  3. problem solving
    The New RulesHow to text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist with others in society today.
  4. etiquette
    Quiz: How Do You Even Behave at a Holiday Party?In case you need a post-quarantine refresher.
  5. etiquette
    Quiz: Is This Okay to Do at a Wedding?A brief guide to wedding-guest etiquette for any and all celebrities who might need it.
  6. the big goodbye
    This Is the Best Way to Avoid Someone at a PartyMay I suggest the Big Good-bye?
  7. ask a boss
    How to Survive the Office Holiday PartyFirst of all, do you really have to go?
  8. etiquette
    What Is the Correct Way to Eat a Cinnamon Roll?Like you’re devouring a chicken wing? With a fork? Like Fruit By the Foot?
  9. the cut opinion pages
    This Is the Worst Text to Get on Your Way to a PartyYou have certainly sent and received it.
  10. how should a dog person be?
    Excuse Me, Ma’am — Your Dog Is a BullySome rules of etiquette for the dog park.
  11. the cut opinion pages
    A Case Against SunglassesWe wear them wantonly.
  12. culture
    Why Do Men Blow Burps out of the Side of Their Mouth?An investigation into the burp-and-blow, a crime against basic etiquette.
  13. parties!
    Are Bcc’d Party Invitations Good or Bad?We asked etiquette experts.
  14. royal wedding 2.0
    The 10 Most Bizarre Royal Etiquette RulesWhatever you do, don’t get your tiara stuck to someone else’s tiara.
  15. ask a boss
    How to Master Office EtiquetteOur essential guide.
  16. culture
    The Joy of Reading Miss Manners in 2017It’s an escapist fantasy — but also a quiet study in ethics.
  17. Oh My God Someone Touched the QueenCanadian governor general David Johnston said the carpet she was walking on was “a little slippy.”
  18. i don’t
    Please Just Text Me: Against Fancy Wedding InvitationsThey’re a nightmare of self-presentation, and so easy to ignore.
  19. family love
    Tiffany Trump Masterfully Ducked a Kiss From Donald TrumpHe tried to give her a kiss on the cheek on the night of the town hall.
  20. voyeurism
    Why I Love Watching People Do Their Makeup on the SubwayIt’s a moment of sisterhood in a long commute.
  21. modest proposals
    Give Every Adult a Plus-One at Your WeddingIn the name of empathy, compassion, and current social norms.
  22. field trips
    How to Become a Princess in 4 Hours Could a regular American gal meet and marry Prince Harry? There’s a class for that.
  23. advice
    How to Politely Have an Amazing ThreesomeTake care of the following and you’ve got very little to be afraid of.
  24. The Skater Girl’s Guide to Being a Modern Lady “Let men do the chasing.”
  25. our selfies ourselves
    The New Rules of Social-Media EtiquetteHating wedding hashtags is so 2013.
  26. etiquette
    What’s the Best Thing to Say When Your Friend Says She’s Pregnant?When “Congratulations!” doesn’t quite cut it.
  27. etiquette
    Your Houseguests Are Probably Having Sex on Your Good SheetsInvest in an extra set of linens this holiday season.
  28. manners
    Your Sex Etiquette Guide to Sharing a Vacation HouseShe who bones loudest cooks breakfast, and other rules.
  29. And Now, Our $300K Birthday Wish ListThe Overspenders are baaaaack.
  30. sexiquette
    Do Not Apologize for Having Loud SexAnd leave your sexually noisy neighbors alone.
  31. studies
    Women More Likely to Be Offended by Phone UseOld women, especially.
  32. her madgesty
    Movie Theater Chain Preemptively Bans Madonna for TextingThe original instigator of popular-culture hullabaloos is now at the center of a small, tame controversy.  
  33. arbitrary guidelines
    The Rules for Calling in Sick When You’re Actually Hung-overThree guiding principles for drunk job-shirking.
  34. etiquette
    What to Say When Your Friend Gets Engaged to a ‘Medium Racist’ Guy“You’re gonna be his wife! He’s gonna be your husband!”
  35. the rules for passing judgment
    Etheridge Says Angelina Isn’t ‘Brave’: The Etiquette of Passing JudgmentWhen celebrities criticize each other, there are rules.
  36. etiquette
    If You Must Cheat, Cheat QuietlyOr you will get shamed on social media.
  37. wedtiquette
    Is It Okay to Get Married on the Same Day As Your Ex?Aniston put wedding on hold to avoid Brangelina.
  38. Can You Wear Google Glass in a Public Restroom? A Cut ChatBathroom etiquette of the future: a debate.
  39. sextiquette
    What Should You Do When a Cell Phone Rings During Sex?Plus videos of people using phones during sex.
  40. dresstiquette
    J.Lo’s Floating-Iceberg-Butt Dress Raises QuestionsWhat’s the etiquette for going commando in a borrowed gown?
  41. wedtiquette
    When the Ring Gets Its Own Engagement PhotoFacebook’s worst wedding trend: context-free diamonds.
  42. living social
    Why We Are Not Having You Over for DinnerDinner party, we hardly knew ye. 
  43. etiquette
    I Put on Makeup in Public — Deal With ItAn impassioned rant based on a real-life experience this morning.
  44. etiquette
    Jay-Z Commits Questionable Act of Chivalry at Dinner With Zadie SmithWhat if your date were Jay-Z?
  45. audio
    Ryan Lochte: Yes, I Peed in the Olympic Pool“Something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”
  46. manners
    And Now, Our Own Dos and Don’ts for Weekend HouseguestsDo: Bring wine with a twist-off cap. You don’t want to burden your host with finding a bottle opener.