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  1. strikes
    What to Know About the Etsy StrikeThousands of sellers have suspended business on the platform to protest “pandemic profiteering.”
  2. minding our business
    How I Made Over 1 Million Sales on EtsyFor jewelry designer Kate Kim, great customer service is the key to success.
  3. depoptimism
    Etsy Buys Depop, Gen Z’s Favorite Resale App, for $1.6 BillionOnce Gen Z Depops, they can’t stop.
  4. how i get it done
    How Etsy’s Trend Expert Gets It DoneDayna Isom Johnson has made a career out of identifying emerging trends.
  5. feuds
    Rosie O’Donnell Is Selling Anti-Trump iPhone Art on EtsyHurry, it’s selling out fast.
  6. modern romance
    19 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy on EtsyFrom a handmade cutting board to a nameplate necklace.
  7. the cut’s september fashion issue
    The 6 Best Denim Shops on EtsyWhere to buy everything from vintage to custom pieces.
  8. the strategist
    The Best Apartment Accents on Etsy Under $200A lot of pop, for not a lot of cash.
  9. weddings!
    Mila Kunis Bought Her Wedding Band on EtsyIt was less than $100.
  10. the strategist
    9 Bizarre Things to Buy on EtsyLurking within Etsy’s bottomless trove of frocks and knitwear are the real, singularly bizarre treasures.
  11. totes amaze
    11 Tote Bags You’ll Actually Want to Reuse For grocery shopping, errands, and everything else. 
  12. the strategist
    Buying Pink Stuff Has Drastically Improved My LifeSherbet cups, licorice allsorts, and more.
  13. cut cover story
    Etsy’s Dream of a Shiny, Post-Capitalist (and Post-Profit) WorkplaceThe company wants to crochet its cake and eat it too.
  14. the strategist
    Try the Trend: LettucewareThe roughage-themed crockery that was all the rage in 1960s Palm Beach is suddenly back in style.
  15. parental leave
    Etsy Announces New Half-Year Paid-Parental-Leave PolicyAnother private company picks up the slack for our government.
  16. We Found the Only Calendar You Need for 2016A subtle message to lawmakers in America.
  17. what’s zooey deschanel up to
    Amazon Is Building a Twee Marketplace of Its OwnEtsy suddenly faces some real competition. 
  18. best bets
    An Unusual Handmade Porcelain BowlThe couture of pottery.
  19. cute vs. cute
    Taylor Swift, Litigious Sunflower, Destroys Etsy Stores After receiving cease-and-desist letters, purveyors remove Taylor Swift–referencing products.  
  20. did beyonce say you could do that?
    Beyoncé Is Not Impressed by Your Beyoncé-Themed Etsy CraftsPut down your puffy-paint pens.
  21. feminism
    Ayn Rand, Girl-Power IconHer quotes are on posters, jewelry, and crop tops.
  22. best bets
    A Cute Clutch That Doubles As a WalletWear it alone or throw it into a tote.
  23. the craft
    Etsy’s Phase 2 Involves Brick-and-mortar StoresThe company isn’t opening any stores itself, though.
  24. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Fringe BenefitsSwish swish.
  25. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Logos A-Go-GoThe return of ‘90s flash.
  26. social fashion
    Etsy, the Place of Dreams DeferredIn adulthood, Etsy allows us to live the youths we couldn’t.
  27. look of the day
    Cory Kennedy Wore Zach Galifianakis Pajamas Now available on Etsy.
  28. best bet
    Best Bet: Large Metallic Makeup ClutchDoes double duty.
  29. sexy etsy
    Meet the Artisans Selling Handmade Sex Toys on EtsyThe growing market of glass-blown butt plugs, ceramic dildos, and other handcrafted pleasures.
  30. sea to shining sea
    Made in the USA: 15 Excellent American PiecesBright, colorful, conscientious statement pieces, all made on our shores.
  31. tastemakers
    Jen Brill and Olivia Kim Wear Nice Heels With Duane Reade SocksAn interview with the designers, plus a first look at their metallic Cole Haan sandals for holiday.
  32. Step in Line: 30 Military-Style Pieces for FallAdd these weapons to your style arsenal.
  33. video look book
    Editor Susie Lau Mixes Etsy With Clare Tough“Today’s look? Winter Urban.”
  34. this will scare you
    We Are Dying Over This Blog About Bad Etsy StuffYou would not believe some of the things people sell on there.