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  1. hogs
    Great, Wild Boars Are Besieging European Cities NowThe hog wars have begun.
  2. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Going to Sex Rehab in EuropeAccording to TMZ, “He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.”
  3. muslim women
    European Court Rules Employers Can Ban Hijabs in the WorkplaceThe European Union’s highest court ruled a company’s wish to appear neutral was legitimate.
  4. Sweden Has More Men Than Women for the First Time in Recorded HistoryThe next step: patriarchal wasteland.
  5. luxury will never die?
    Debt Threatens Prada, Escada, and MoreAs markets feel the crunch worldwide, it turns out that European stalwart houses aren’t immune.
  6. cult of personality
    Jean Paul Gautlier’s New Gig: Eurovision CommenterJean Paul Gaultier has watched Eurovision since he was a wee boy, and now he gets to live out his childhood dream of appearing on the show.
  7. run through
    Versace Infiltrates the Italian ParliamentThe Italian parliament just got way more interesting. Yes, really! Santo Versace won a seat in it.