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  1. loose threads
    ‘Project Runway’ Gets Spoiled, Fosters RomanceIs NBC trying to sabotage the last season of ‘Runway’ on Bravo? Also it looks like season five’s Daniel and Wesley are dating.
  2. loose threads
    Matthew Williamson Comes to NYC; Kate Moss and Jamie Hince on the Outs?Also, Steve & Barry’s closures are imminent, and Eva Mendes makes a suprisingly bold statement about the couture collections.
  3. party lines
    In Which We Unnerve Francisco CostaCalvin Klein’s creative director is normally a very cool cucumber, but he didn’t really know what to say about the other night’s disastrous fragrance-launch party.
  4. party lines
    Calvin’s Perfume Party Gets Shut Down, Relocated, MessyWhen we arrived cops were there, sirens were blaring, and many a harried publicist was already working on damage control.
  5. loose threads
    Victoria Beckham, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey to Present CFDA AwardsAlso, ‘Purple’ magazine is opening a New York office, Noelle Reno is leaving her label Degrees of Freedom, and Anna Wintour might have inspired a watch line.
  6. run through
    Eva Mendes’s New Calvin Klein Commercial Makes TV Execs UncomfortableTV networks say they won’t air the new commercial for Secret Obsession because it’s too racy. We think they should probably just lighten up.
  7. loose threads
    Jenna Bush’s Wedding Dress and John Galliano’s New York ShowJenna Bush’s wedding gown was very textured, John Galliano shows his Christian Dior resort collection here tonight, and bobo is the new boho.
  8. run through
    Rehab Shmehab! Mendes Lands Another Calvin Klein CampaignEva Mendes can’t lose. When most other starlets hit the damage-control circuit post-rehab, Mendes remained the face of Calvin Klein fragrance and even got a free shopping spree on her birthday.
  9. run through
    Eva Mendes Gets Out of Rehab and Gets SweatersEva Mendes’s plans to appear in Calvin Klein perfume ads were thwarted when she went to rehab several weeks ago. But Mendes is out — yay! — and it appears her relationship with the label is still going strong.
  10. party lines
    The Raconteurs Rock PradaIt was a battle to get through the door for the Raconteurs’ private concert at the Prada Epicenter in Soho.