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Evan Lysacek

  1. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Jada Pinkett Smith Not a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool MomShe mom-bragged while Chrissy Teigen and John Legend PDA’d at Vera Wang.
  2. rumors
    Vera Wang and Evan Lysacek Reportedly RoomiesApparently, the 27-year-old moved into Vera’s Beverly Hills mansion last month.
  3. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls: Evan Lysacek Contemplates Returning to Competition at Vera WangFriday will be the one-year anniversary of his gold medal, and he’s celebrating by performing in ‘Stars on Ice.’
  4. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Serena Williams Buddies Up With the Vogue Crew at Vera WangShe was sandwiched between Anna and ALT.
  5. ice princes
    Evan Lysacek Talks Cars With Ralph Lauren, Dreams of Designing WatchesHe has over a dozen watches, including a Rolex, an Omega, and a Louis Vuitton.
  6. loose threads
    DVF Launches Humanitarian Awards; Fashion Shows Still Make Naomi Campbell NervousAlso, Beyoncé wore an interesting outfit on her latest video shoot.
  7. ice princes
    Evan Lysacek Is Vera Wang’s New Figure-Skating MuseShe designs all his uniforms.