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    Here’s the Woman Who Saved the Day in Yesterday’s Plane EmergencySouthwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults is the female Sully.
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    Woman Has Perfectly Reasonable Reaction to Not Getting Enough SrirachaShe called 911.
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    Here’s a Video of Your New Crush Rescuing a Bunny From a WildfireA hero for our times.
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    Extremely Fun Grandma Flashes Everyone at Dodger StadiumShe also showed off some truly impressive dance moves.
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    This 6-Year-Old Served Pizza to the Homeless Instead of Having a Birthday PartyThe kids are alright.
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    Sex-Shop Employees Chase Off Armed Robber by Throwing Sex Toys at Him“But then I saw the gun and it was like, really? I don’t have time for this.”
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    The Best Everyday Heroes of 2016Bravery, courage, pettiness, and a whole lot of pizza.
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    Here’s How Leonardo DiCaprio Is Teaching Ivanka Trump About Climate ChangePhew.
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    This Woman’s Divorce Photoshoot Is an Inspiration to Us AllCatherine Marie Meisenburg demonstrates the best possible way to celebrate a failed relationship.
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    A Mom Heroically Saved Her Daughter From a Creepy Store KidnapperAnd it was all caught on video.
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    How to React When Men Say They’re Not PrivilegedReal eyes realize real lies.
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    Up-Skirt Photographer Forced to Eat Memory CardWatch her take down a subway sexual harasser.
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    John Kasich Eats Like He Just Got Off a CleanseWe are all John Kasich at 4 p.m.
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    Woman Double-Fists Pizza Slices in World’s Most Relatable Kiss-Cam AppearanceYes, same.
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    Congratulations on Your Jeopardy Win Last NightLove how candid you were with Alex!
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    Woman Just Wants to Know When Baseball Will EndIt was only the second inning.