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  1. everyday sexism
    Female Musicians Hit Back at Grammy President Who Told Them to ‘Step Up’Katy Perry, Pink, and Halsey aren’t going to tolerate the disrespect.
  2. everyday sexism
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has ‘No Doubt’ Sexism Played a Role in the Election“That was a major, major factor.”
  3. everyday sexism
    Amsterdam’s Urinating Protest Canceled After Too Many Ladies Planned to AttendWomen planned to pee in a public urinal to protest a male judge’s remarks.
  4. everyday sexism
    A Texas Official Was Reprimanded for Refusing to Meet With Female EmployeesHe skipped meetings with a colleague he feared “had romantic feelings for him.”
  5. everyday sexism
    Ellen Pao Says Male Reporters Were ‘Skeptical’ of Her Case“[They] had no empathy for my experiences.”
  6. 2016 election
    Donald Trump Once Forced a Kiss on Journalist Katy Tur“My body freezes. My heart stops.”
  7. women at work
    Silicon Valley Investors Terrified They Accidentally Did Something SexistOne female chief executive said dozens of male VCs have reached out to her.
  8. everyday sexism
    This Woman Claims She Was Fired For Leaking During Her PeriodAlisha Coleman is suing her former employer for firing her for having heavy periods.
  9. women in tech
    Guy Who Wrote Sexist Google Memo Says It Made Women Feel ‘Empowered’“There were many women who were empowered and that agree with me,” he said.
  10. Attorney Says Dashcam Video of Cavity Search on Black Woman Is ‘Rape by a Cop’Lawyer Sam Cammack says the vaginal probing went on for 11 minutes.
  11. everyday sexism
    White Tech Dude Finally Gets a Platform to Share His Ideas About WomenJames Damore, author of the infamous Google memo, wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal.
  12. Megyn Kelly’s NBC Co-workers Reportedly Think She’s a ‘Diva’According to “Page Six,” they’re “outraged” by her behavior.
  13. New York’s Plaza Hotel Is Being Sued by Female Staffers Over ‘Rape Culture’Six former and current staffers claim hotel management has ignored their sexual-harassment claims.
  14. women in tech
    Anita Hill Wants Women in Tech to Sue Their Employers for Sex Discrimination“We can’t afford to wait for the tech industry to police itself.”
  15. A Former Top Time Editor Is Suing the Magazine for Sex and Age DiscriminationThe lawsuit accuses Time of “operating a system of male cronyism.”
  16. Wired’s New Issue Was Written Mostly by Men, But Includes a Note Thanking WomenIn the magazine’s most recent issue, every feature is written by a man.
  17. everyday sexism
    Man Leading U.K. Equality Efforts Says Female BBC Staffers ‘Let’ Pay Gap Happen“I suspect they let it happen because they weren’t doing much about it.”
  18. politics
    Women Are Paying More Attention to Politics Since Trump’s ElectionThere’s a pretty big gender gap in who has attended a political rally since November, and who hasn’t.
  19. Ex-Fox Exec Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was ‘Scapegoated’ in Harassment ScandalA former Fox News Latino vice-president filed a new $48 lawsuit against 21st Century Fox.
  20. politics
    Republican Lawmaker Blames ‘Female Senators’ for Stalling Health-Care BillHe added that if they weren’t women, he’d like to “settle this Aaron Burr–style.”
  21. Saudi Woman Arrested for Wearing a Miniskirt in Public Released Without ChargePolice in Saudi Arabia have released Model Khulood, who was arrested for wearing “immodest clothes.”
  22. everyday sexism
    Ads That Perpetuate Sexist Stereotypes May Soon Be Banned Under New U.K. RulesIt’s part of an effort to address how women are shown in advertisements.
  23. Woman Wanted by Saudi Police for Posting Snapchat of Herself in a MiniskirtThe country’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is looking for her.
  24. politics
    Kellyanne Conway Says Criticism of Her Is ‘Gender Based’She added that it “totally undercuts modern feminism.”
  25. House of Representatives Will ‘Modernize’ Its Dress Code for WomenPaul Ryan announced he’d address the fact that women technically can’t wear sleeveless dresses on the House floor.
  26. everyday sexism
    This Airline Made Prospective Employees Take Pregnancy Tests Before Being HiredIberia agreed to stop the practice after being fined for discrimination.
  27. politics
    Women Must Follow This Strict Dress Code Rule in Parts of CongressFemale reporters have gotten in trouble for not complying with the dress code.
  28. politics
    White House Pays Women 63 Cents for Every Dollar Paid to MenThe gender pay gap in the White House has more than tripled under Trump.
  29. everyday sexism
    Fox Sports Fires President Over Sexual-Harassment ClaimsJamie Horowitz is out at Fox Sports after human resources interviewed several of his female co-workers.
  30. politics
    Kellyanne on Trump’s Face-Lift Tweets: ‘I Endorse His Ability to Fight Back’She brushed off the president’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski’s alleged face-lift.
  31. politics
    Women Lawmakers Are Pissed About Trump’s Sexist Face-Lift CommentSome are calling his attack on Mika Brzezinski sexist.
  32. politics
    Press Secretary Says Trump Mocked Morning Joe Host Because She ‘Bullied’ Him“This is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be bullied by liberal media.”
  33. politics
    Trump Compliments Female Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’He thanked the “beautiful” Irish press for being there during a phone call with the new Irish prime minister.
  34. fox news
    Why It’s a Big Deal That This Fox Anchor Just Wore Pants on AirNow that Roger Ailes’s “pantsuit ban” has been lifted, female anchors can wear whatever they want.
  35. everyday sexism
    Oliver Stone Slams ‘Beautiful Specimen’ Megyn Kelly’s Putin Interview“I didn’t have legs or a dress like Megyn.”
  36. politics
    Kamala Harris Cut Off, Told to Be Courteous During Trump Russia HearingSenator Richard Burr cut in while she was questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
  37. politics
    Vladimir Putin Says He Doesn’t Have Bad Days Because ‘I Am Not a Woman’He added that he doesn’t have “certain natural cycles.”
  38. politics
    Alex Jones Says He’s Not Just Interviewing With Megyn Kelly Because She’s PrettyJones is set to appear on Kelly’s new NBC show.
  39. everyday sexism
    French Tennis Player Gropes Female Reporter on Live TVHe held her around the neck and tried to kiss her multiple times.
  40. women at work
    Women Are Less Likely Than Men to Use Their Vacation TimeTheir male co-workers are much more likely to take advantage of vacation days.
  41. everyday sexism
    Lawsuit Claims Fox Radio Anchor Called Female Colleagues ‘Sluts’ and ‘Whores’He also reportedly referred to a female anchor as “the Title IX anchor.”
  42. surveys
    Women Are Feeling Pretty Negative About America’s Future, Wonder WhyMen are twice as likely as women to feel good about the direction of the country, according to Pew.
  43. Fox News Reporter Says She Was Fired for Complaining About Sex DiscriminationShe was told she was being laid off 24 hours after reporting discrimination.
  44. everyday sexism
    Hockey Stadium Gets Rid of Women’s Restrooms So Men Don’t Have to Wait So LongWomen had to wait in lines of up to 25 minutes as a result.
  45. women in hollywood
    Even Female Film Critics Were Crappy to Barbra Streisand When She Was a DirectorHollywood, can you hear me?
  46. fox news
    Fox News Host Goes on ‘Vacation’ After Making a Crude Comment About Ivanka TrumpBill O’Reilly protégé Jesse Watters will return to his show Monday.
  47. everyday sexism
    Plane Passengers Only Want Thin Flight Attendants, Airline Council Members ClaimTwo men defending the airline claim flight crews’ appearance is important for business.
  48. Serena Williams Responds to Tennis Player’s Racist Remark About Her Pregnancy“This world has come so far and yet we have so much further to go.”
  49. CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes“I was embarrassed, and it is sort of humiliating.”
  50. everyday sexism
    Do These Male Fox Anchors Have What It Takes to Be the Next Bill O’Reilly?The Daily Show put together a montage of potential candidates.
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