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Everyday Sexism

  1. everyday misogyny
    Tyrese Gibson Apologizes for His Sexist Rant About ‘Sluts’ During an Interview“Damn I’ve said some super stupid s**t.”
  2. workplace sexual harassment
    Megyn Kelly Reportedly Complained About Bill O’Reilly Before Leaving FoxShe was “frustrated” by his comments about sexual harassment.
  3. the o’reilly factor
    Sexual-Harassment Claims Aren’t Hurting Bill O’Reilly’s Ratings One BitIn fact, they’re higher than they were before.
  4. everyday sexism
    Spring Cleaning Gets Sexist on Fox & Friends“I’m excited to watch you do it.”
  5. the gender pay gap
    Department of Labor Accuses Google of ‘Extreme’ Gender Pay GapSo much for “Don’t be evil.”
  6. Minnesota Lawmaker Calls Out ‘White Male’ Colleagues for Ignoring Women of Color“I’m really tired of watching women of color, in particular, being ignored.”
  7. women in film
    Marvel VP of Sales Says Fans Seem Uninterested in Diversity or Female Characters“What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there.”
  8. penis seat
    This ‘Penis Seat’ in the Mexico City Metro Highlights Sexual HarassmentThe seat was installed as part of the #NoEsDeHombres campaign.
  9. everyday sexism
    Bill O’Reilly Just Mocked This Congresswoman’s HairThe Fox News host called Congresswoman Maxine Waters’s hair a “James Brown wig.”
  10. everyday sexism
    People Are Really Mad About This Sexist Daily Mail CoverIt compares the two leaders’ legs.
  11. advertising
    Billboard Suggests It’s Cool to Throw Rocks at Girls As Long As They’re DiamondsIt reads, “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls.”
  12. uber
    Uber Execs Went to an Escort Karaoke Bar in Seoul: HR ComplaintThe hits just keep on coming.
  13. Gamers Target Woman on Social Media Over New Video GameThey were mad about the poorly animated facial expressions in the new Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  14. sexual harassment
    Former U.S. Marine Blames Nude-Photo Scandal on Having Women in the Military“Why should would we integrate women when we know it’s going to happen?”
  15. horrible things
    This Dude Humping the ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Is the Actual Worst“It was utterly revolting.”
  16. politics
    GOP Lawmaker Wonders Aloud Why Men Should Pay for Prenatal CareRepublican Representative John Shimkus objects to certain “mandates” in Obamacare.
  17. everyday sexism
    Ex–Labor Secretary Nominee Says Sexist Ads ‘Saved a Lot of Jobs’He also addressed domestic-violence allegations raised against him.
  18. everyday sexism
    Fox News Reportedly Settles With Contributor Who Said She Was Sexually AssaultedTamara Holder, a Fox contributor, said she was sexually assaulted by a network executive.
  19. everyday sexism
    After the Election, Men Became More Aggressive When Negotiating With WomenA new study showcases the trend.
  20. everyday sexism
    Another Female Uber Employee Comes Forward With Harassment ClaimsHer female manager allegedly shamed her for wearing a tank top.
  21. Man Arrested for Threatening Jewish Centers Did It to Harass an Ex-GirlfriendJuan Thompson engaged in a “campaign to harass and intimidate” his ex, authorities say.
  22. everyday sexism
    Here’s a Polish Lawmaker Saying Women Are Too Weak to Receive Equal PayLet’s check in on politics overseas — wait, uh.
  23. everyday sexism
    Someone Paid $2,000 to Provide Us With This Terrible BillboardIt’s still unclear who’s behind it, but a protest will take place underneath on Sunday.
  24. domestic violence
    In Russia, It’s Now No Longer a Criminal Offense to Abuse Your SpousePutin just signed into law an amendment that decriminalizes domestic violence.
  25. everyday sexism
    Joanna Coles Was the Lowest-Paid Member of Snapchat’s Board in 2016She made a fraction of what her male counterparts did.
  26. Russia’s Parliament Voted to Decriminalize Certain Types of Domestic ViolenceParliament voted 380-3 to pass the bill.
  27. Democratic Congresswoman Is Getting Tired of Asking the Same Damn Question“Where are the women?”
  28. oops
    Senator Taking Inauguration Selfie Identified As ‘Woman’SFGate neglected to identify the senator, who was taking a photo with her male colleagues.
  29. everyday sexism
    Connecticut Politician Arrested for Pinching Woman’s Genitals“I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”
  30. everyday sexism
    This Utah High School’s Class Assignment Is Ridiculously SexistThe date’s instructions for the female students included gems like, “Don’t waste his money.”
  31. everyday sexism
    Russia Could Decriminalize Domestic ViolenceA bill decriminalizing domestic violence just passed its first reading in Russian parliament.
  32. sexual harassment
    Fox News Reportedly Settled Sexual-Harassment Claims Against Bill O’ReillyA female employee said O’Reilly retaliated when she rejected his advances.
  33. women at work
    Most Low-Wage Workers in the United States Are Women, Study FindsAnd one-third are mothers.
  34. everyday sexism
    Ariana Grande Slams a Male Fan for Treating Her Like a ‘Piece of Meat’“We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS.”
  35. carrie fisher
    Steve Martin, This Is Not How You Pay Tribute to Carrie FisherPlease be better than Jabba the Hutt.
  36. roll clip!
    Teen Vogue Writer Lauren Duca Owns Tucker Carlson on His Own Show“You’re actually being a partisan hack.”
  37. Priyanka Chopra: ‘Being Objectified Is Part of My Job.’“I don’t get offended by being called a sex symbol.”
  38. everyday sexism
    Women Banned Members of a Mens-Only Golf Club From Sitting on This BenchGiving men a taste of their own medicine.
  39. everyday sexism
    Megyn Kelly Is Not Apologizing for Her ‘Risqué’ RNC Dress“I can be smart and challenging while I wear spaghetti straps, and everyone is just going to have to get their heads around that.”
  40. A Woman in Saudi Arabia Was Arrested for Posting This Picture Without a HijabShe wore a dress, a coat, and ankle boots, but no hijab, in a Twitter picture.
  41. shine theory
    Madonna Gave a Shout-out to Shine Theory at the Billboard Awards“We have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth.”
  42. politics
    Donald Trump’s Pick for Labor Secretary Defended These Sexist Ads“I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis.”
  43. everyday sexism
    This Is What Paula Broadwell Said About Moving on After David Petraeus Affair“I need to fight back for my life.”
  44. politics
    Kellyanne Conway Suggests Mothers Shouldn’t Take Jobs in the White House“There are limits.”
  45. women in politics
    Read the Gross Letter a Man Sent a Canadian PM Telling Her How to Dress“The Queen never wore revealing clothes.”
  46. politics
    Megyn Kelly Defends Melania Trump From ‘Staunch Sexism’In an interview with Porter magazine.
  47. The Lawyer Who Argued Roe v. Wade on What It Was Like When Abortion Was IllegalDr. Sarah Weddington chats with the Cut about reproductive rights.
  48. everyday sexism
    This Lawmaker Smashed a Bikini-Shaped Cake to Protest Her Colleagues’ MisogynyApparently it was supposed to be a (highly offensive) joke.
  49. politics
    Trump’s New National Security Adviser Made Women Wear Makeup to WorkHe’s got all the tips for making ladies more attractive.
  50. Man Who Called Hillary Clinton a ‘C*nt’ Might Join Trump’s CabinetTexas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller used the term in a tweet a week before the election.
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