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  1. science of us
    Why People Are So Good at Being Kind and Being CruelTogether they “make perfect sense.”
  2. The Evolutionary Reason Cats Are Badass LonersNot a pack animal.
  3. A Novel Theory for Why Humans Evolved SelvesKnow yourself, know your worth.
  4. evolutionary psychology
    Not All Critiques of Evolutionary Psychology Are Created EqualIt’s important to separate good-faith critics of specific arguments from those who deny evolution can explain any sex differences.
  5. Why Humans (and Other Large Animals) Shrink When They Live on IslandsAnd rodents get bigger.
  6. Monkeys’ Mouths Are Built for Speech — Only Their Brains Are Holding Them BackA new study shows that they’re capable of noises that sound a lot like human language.
  7. Scientists Think Your Face Evolved to Look Like an Ape’s Butt“Two hairless, symmetrical, and attractive body parts.”
  8. playing god
    Here’s Why C-sections Could Be Changing the Course of EvolutionBefore C-sections, women with narrow pelvises wouldn’t have had babies.
  9. Babies Are Helplessly Dumb, and That’s Why Humans Are So SmartIt’s a symbiotic relationship.
  10. Learn Something New About Evolution by Watching These Baby Monkeys SmileAn adorable way of understanding where our own facial expressions came from.
  11. Evolutionary Biologists Think They Found Where the Female Orgasm Came FromYou have more in common with your cat than you want to know.
  12. Evolutionary Biologists Think They Found Where the Female Orgasm Came FromYou have more in common with your cat than you want to know.
  13. A Talking Orangutan Can Help Us Understand How Humans Developed SpeechHis name’s Rocky, and he sounds eerily humanlike.
  14. mosquitoes
    The Specifics of How Mosquitoes Devour Us Are Really Gross and FascinatingA terrible but evolutionarily impressive insect.
  15. because it’s friday
    There Is an Animal Whose Pee Smells Like Buttered PopcornYou’ve got to be kidding, nature.
  16. social psychology
    Twitter Fights Are Like Eating All the Brownies“These people have me all wrong! I have to defend myself, prove to the community that I’m better and smarter than they say I am!”
  17. Evolution May Have Killed Off Dogs That Weren’t Good BoysMan’s best friend had to get with the human-dominated program or get kicked off the evolutionary train.
  18. evolution
    Why Is No One Interested in Vagina Size?Maybe the birth canal just isn’t sexy enough for researchers or the internet.
  19. relationships
    Why Do Men and Women Get Jealous About Different Things?It’s evolution, baby — maybe.
  20. evolution
    Why Angry Faces Look the Same EverywhereThe science of grrrrrrrrrr.
  21. Why Are We Grossed Out by Women With Armpit Hair?It’s a sweaty and smelly and complicated question.
  22. Our Ancestors’ Faces Evolved to Be Able to Take a PunchWe used to be even punchier than we are today, so our ancestors’ faces had to adapt.
  23. historical attractions
    New Studies Confirm: Your Relatives Were Way Attracted to NeanderthalsDon’t worry, it was a long time ago.
  24. battle of the sperm
    ‘Kamikaze Sperm’: Fighting Off Rivals?They build traps and barricades with their tails.
  25. evolution of peggy olson
    Watch Peggy Olson Break Through the Glass CeilingYou’ve come a long way, baby.
  26. natural selection
    Study: Lazy Dudes Less FertilePhew.