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Evolutionary Psychology

  1. evolutionary psychology
    Not All Critiques of Evolutionary Psychology Are Created EqualIt’s important to separate good-faith critics of specific arguments from those who deny evolution can explain any sex differences.
  2. evolutionary psychology
    Lame Evolutionary-Psychology Arguments Hurt Men, TooTucker Max’s ugly marriage with evolutionary psychology.
  3. No, Evolution Doesn’t Disprove Lean In’s ArgumentsGender dynamics in the workplace, as poorly explained by evolutionary psychology.
  4. evolutionary psychology
    Let’s Not Oversimplify Kim Kardashian’s Butt AppealThere are limits to how much evolutionary psychology can explain complicated stuff. Like butts.
  5. relationships
    Why Do Men and Women Get Jealous About Different Things?It’s evolution, baby — maybe.
  6. sex
    Masculine-Looking Guys May Have Lamer SpermSex is confusing.
  7. Why Just Reading About Bedbugs Is Making You All ItchyIt’s a contagious behavior, a neuroscientist explains. 
  8. Evolution Can Help Explain Why We Can’t Look Away From Disgusting MoviesIt’s a throwback effect.
  9. ooh shiny!
    Maybe We Love Shiny Things Because We’re ThirstyShine bright like some water.
  10. bad studies
    Here’s an Evolutionary Explanation for Mean GirlsIt’s depressing, but maybe incorrect.