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  1. gross!
    Who Told the GOP About ‘BDE’?A gubernatorial candidate claims Ron DeSantis has it. Of course he doesn’t.
  2. log off
    Matt Gaetz Has Resorted to Body-Shaming TeensThe 19-year-old activist he attacked has now raised $600,000 for abortion funds because of his comments.
  3. ew
    Someone Married Matt GaetzThe alleged child sex trafficker eloped in an apparent bid for a distracting “MAGA romance.”
  4. ew
    Bugs?! In Lisa Vanderpump’s Wine?!Not earwigs in the Vanderpump Rosé!
  5. ew
    Representative Matt Gaetz Used to ‘Score’ His Sexual Conquests at WorkAccording to a report, he and other Florida lawmakers played a game where they’d target women to sleep with.
  6. ew
    Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Impregnate 20 Women at a Time at His ‘Baby Ranch’And then he was going to freeze his penis.
  7. Now Appearing at the Republican National Convention: Actual BarfAround a dozen GOP staffers are reportedly showing symptoms of norovirus.
  8. venn diagrams of perfection
    Miniature Things and Female Comedians: It’s a Damn Dream!Amy Schumer and 2,000 tiny bottles of booze grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly
  9. Which Gets Hands Cleaner: Paper Towels or Air Dryers?A public restroom hygienic battle.
  10. ew
    Lady’s Ear Canal Now Art Space, Says ArtistIt’s an exclusive space. 
  11. audio
    Ryan Lochte: Yes, I Peed in the Olympic Pool“Something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”
  12. ew
    A Rising Number of Rebels Are Cleaning Their Armpits With Lemon Slices and Using Wipes Instead of Showers After Working OutThe ‘Times’ brings us the important stories.
  13. Sea of Shoes Is Making Very Literal and Scary Bug JewelryFor everyone who has ever wondered about what exactly beetles have on their undersides.
  14. ew
    Style Bloggers Share Their New ‘Jizz’ Nail Polish With Fashion ToastWhat are friends for?
  15. ew
    We Found the Female Version of a New Head-Turning Russian MankiniThe season of hideous swimwear is upon us!
  16. mad hatter
    A Scottish Milliner Made a Hat for His Friend’s Wedding Out of Roadkill“[S]he had images of maggots falling off her head, but it went down a treat.”
  17. ew
    Are These the World’s Most Vulgar Pair of Pants?Penis pants!
  18. ew
    Is Fish Skin the New Snake Skin?Probably not, but you can get a bathing suit made out of it!
  19. ew
    Brits Are Melting Down Braces and Turning Them Into JewelryCan’t waste gold these days.
  20. ew
    Here Is a Video to Remind You That Women Eat About Seven Pounds of Lipstick in Their LifetimesYou’ve always wanted to watch a pretty girl literally binge on cosmetics, right?
  21. ew
    Here’s One Way to Get Publicity at Holiday Time: Have Women Change Clothes in Your WindowsJuniors’ brand XOXO is doing this, and men on the street are very happy about it.
  22. ew
    This Agent Provocateur Cardigan Has Penises All Over ItYou know you’ve always wanted to wear cashmere penises.
  23. ew
    ‘Challenging’ Nude Photo of 10-Year-Old Brooke Shields Pulled From London ExhibitThe police are trying to figure out if it’s legal to display.