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  1. excerpts
    Read Kris Van Assche’s First Interview Since Leaving DiorThe designer opens up to Document Journal.
  2. 7 Totally-Not-Made-Up Things a Brown Person Has Heard at the OfficeAn excerpt from artist Maria Qamar’s debut book, Trust No Aunty.
  3. book excerpt
    Why I Risked My Life to Drive in Saudi ArabiaSaudi activist Manal al-Sharif shares the story behind the Women to Drive movement.
  4. virtual reality
    Meet Virtual You: How Your VR Self Influences Your Real-Life SelfYour avatar can affect your behavior in the “real” world in some surprising ways. 
  5. We’re Testing Children on the Wrong ThingsAre we measuring what we want to measure in education?
  6. relationships
    People Overestimate How Much Everyone Else CheatsAnd this incorrect belief could affect our own decision on whether or not to cheat on a partner.
  7. Your Self-Esteem Affects When and How You FlirtIs it smarter to think of the potential costs or potential rewards?
  8. marketing
    A Soda Bottle’s Shape Tricks You Into Buying ItIt’s a concept psychologists call physical fluency, and marketers are taking note. 
  9. relationships
    Going on a Diet With Your Partner Probably Won’t Go So WellPeople are less confident in their own goals when they see others succeeding at those same goals. 
  10. social psychology
    Grumpy People Get the Details RightThe surprising upside of negative emotions.
  11. relationships
    Please Don’t Drag Your Partner on A Boring Date NightNo one benefits from this. 
  12. Modern Medicine Changed the Way We Die, and Not Always for the BetterAn excerpt from Atul Gawande’s new book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End.
  13. excerpts
    Memoirs of a Non-Prom Queen“The ugly duckling myth is sentimental”: An excerpt from The Essential Ellen Willis.
  14. great projects
    Read an Excerpt From Prada’s New International Literary JournalEvery short story features eye glasses.